Radio host Mark Lopez taunts “dilawans” for considering Chel Diokno as presidential bet in 2022 poll, draws mixed reactions on social media!

When it rains, it really pours!

After suffering a painful defeat at the 2019 election, human rights lawyer and OtsoDiretso bet Chel Diokno suffered another humiliating defeat this time, at the Supreme Court.

Diokno, together with the IBP filed a Writ of Kalikasan petition at the Supreme Court in behalf of fishermen-petitioners from Palawan and Zambales.

But lady luck frowned on Diokno once again.

Worse, it was a “dilawan” , a PNoy appointee that exposed Diokno as nothing but a sneaky old man, far removed from his clean image, who would do anything to get a favorite result at the expense of President Duterte and his administration.

Supreme Court Justice Leonen: “It seems counsel (IBP, represented by Atty Palacios) is blind to their own clients. That includes collaborating counsel (Diokno).”

Turned out, Diokno pulled tried pull the rug under the SC justice, got caught and now facing the risk of suspension and worse case scenario, lose his license to practice law for violating the Rules of Court.

And as the saying goes, adversity brings out the best or worse in people. Unfortunately, Diokno panicked and choose the latter route by saving his ass and ditched the IBP.

Diokno’s defining moment could not come at the perfect time, when the “dilawans” are struggling to find a leader they could rally behind.

Especially now that the 2022 Presidential election is just around the corner and Leni Robredo has self-destructed with stupid statements in reaction to every national issues that come up from time to time.

In light of this development. DDS blogger and radio host Mark Lopez couldn’t contain himself from jeering at the supporters of the dilawan for having the kind of leaders that will lead their party back to power in the 2022 national election.

You may read Mrk Lopez’s full FB post below.

Supreme Court Justice Leonen – “It seems counsel (IBP, represented by Atty Palacios) is blind to their own clients. That includes collaborating counsel (Diokno).

I am no lawyer but any time you make a representation, is it not basic to get to know the person or entity you are going to represent?

As it turned out, bumanat si Chel Diokno sa Supreme Court even if he has not met any of the alleged complainants.

Worse, nung binukayo ni Solgen Calida ang katarantaduhan nila ng IBP, ayun at naghugas kamay at nilaglag ang IBP.

Seriously kayong mga hindot na dilawan, yan ang pinagmamalaki nyo na pambato nyo sa 2022?

Sabagay, puro nga pala kayo mga manloloko at laging nanlalamang at nanlilinlang…


As far as the comments of netizens are concerned, Chel Diokno’s illusion of bagging LP’s presidential nomination in 2022 election doesn’t look promising! Much more leading LP back to power!

Eggay Rillo Mangubat Hindot at Moron at May balak pa palang maging pambato ng 2022 ng Partido ila? Seriously, eh dapat ma tsugi na siya sa LA Salle bilang Dean, at tipong bukayo lang ang Laman ng utak. Bad example sya sa mga future lawyers ng LA Salle

Guilbert Pungan Leni effect? Tangina, dean pa ng Law school yan ha. Hello La Salle! Nagkakalat na empleyado nyo!

Ferdinand Baarde Mga scammers ang mga yan……nagke create ng problema sa isip lang nila nag e exist…..ang totoo…sila talaga ang problema ng bansa,,,

Helen Auditor Mabuti naman at ngayon pa lang alam na na talagang mapanlinlang sila at manggagamit, typical dilawan remember yong bangkay ni Gian ba iyon sabi nong ina nong bata, binabayaran sila ng 1M para hiramin yong bangkay at dalin sa EDSA.

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