Radio host, netizens offer theories on Leni Robredo complaining about no resources to launch ‘decent’ presidential campaign

On her interview with ANC’s “After the Fact” program, Vice President Leni Robredo admitted that she has no resources to launch a ‘decent’ presidential campaign unlike in 2016 wherein as the administration bet, the infrastructure was there.

On that note, radio host and blogger Mark Lopez can’t help but poke fun at Robredo on his Facebook wall.

Lopez said Robredo was simply nag iinarte or throwing tantrums to get our attention. “Nag iinarte na naman si Madumb.”

Lopez asked if Robredo was dropping hint to prospective sponsors? “Ano ito, parinig sa mga sponsors?”

Or an implicit admission she is not attracting sponsors for her ambition… “O admission of lack of support talaga sa ambisyon nya?”

“Paawa epek amputa…” Lopez

As of this writing, Lopez’s brief FB post has created quite a buzz on his wall, generating 2,648 reactions, 456 comments and 39 shares in just 2 hours and counting.

Netizens have a field day sharing their respective opinions to help Lopez answer the questions in his mind.

“eh di mag fund-raising uli ng lugaw… millions kita dun diba?” suggested the 1st netizen.

“A decent presidential campaign needs financial backers. A worthy candidate will always have strong financial backers unless of course you’re a #Dilawan like #LeniRobredo of #TheInidoroUniverse!” explained a netizen.

This netizen does not want to hear any of Robredo’s drama. “Lol… she is already campaigning all this time since 2016… with all the media she takes with her in everything she does, and she still says she doesn’t have money for campaigning?!? Bullshit! All the things she did in her vp term are campaign propagandas…”

This netizen thinks Robredo has yet to realize that no businessman sees her as a potential winner. “It hasnt sunk in to her yet that no one believes she can win that’s why nobody is willing to put up the money for her presidential campaign. Ano yan? Buffering pa ba? 🤣

In my opinion, this netizen essentially summarized Robredo’s dilemma. “Looking for oligarchs to bankroll her campaign. Looks like no takers. Para na siyang nagmamakaawa. Despite all her gimmicks, yes, gimmick lang lahat yung pinaggagawa niya, hindi pa rin siya winnable. It will be a big slap on her face if Pacquiao or Isko is chosen by 1Sambayan as its candidate.”


Source: mark lopez

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