Radio host, netizens strongly rejects Antonio Trillanes’ tweet PNoy gave Filipinos their freedom?

On Twitter, former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV wrote a eyebrow-raising tribute to the his former Boss, PNoy calling him the man who gave us our freedom.

On that note, radio host Mark Lopez described Trillanes’ invented accolade to PNoy as an Olypmic level kind of swindle.

“Of all the stretch or invented accolade, this one is pang Olympic sa panggagago…”

Lopez went on to roll up his sleeves and dismantled Trillanes methodically.

“If Noynoy gave us Freedom, it presumes we were under a tyranny before him. And it presumes he rebelled against the status quo, fought for us, and liberated our country.”

“Pano nangyari yun? Eh he was elected in a democratic exercise. He did not declare a revolution, nor he mounted a coup to free us from tyranny,” Lopez elaborated.

In fact, Lopez argued, Noynoy was the opposite, total opposite of what Trillanes tried to paint the former president.

“He actually was a reluctant candidate who chosen freely by the people because of Necropolitics.”

“Seriously, hibang talaga itong si Trillanes,” Lopez remarked.

Lopez called on Trillanes’ friend requesting to f@ct-check the statement of the former senator.

“Ellen Tordesillas, hindi mo ba talaga puede i-fact check ang BFF mo?”

Lopez ended the FB post describing Trillanes relative to his tweet.

“Tigas ng mga mukha nyo!”

As of this writing, Lopez’s FB post has generated 2,700 shares, 445 comments and 137 shares and counting.

Netizens expressed their opinion against Trillanes’ tweet in the comment section.

“Noynoy actually gave him the freedom he had lost for being a mutineer. I just don’t know why he said “our” as if we had lost ours too. Come to think of it, his mother did the same thing with Joma Sison during her term,” commented one netizen.

To which another netizen replied: “Sorry Mr. Trillanes, PNoy gave you the freedom. A freedom that then allowed you to sow deceit among the ignorant. You are nothing more than a self serving political lapdog.”

And another: “He said so because he was freed by abnoy from the wrath of GMA. He is only talking for his freedom but because of hjs little evil brain, he weaponises it for his gain – fronting people’s freedom (tatakbo raw kasi sa pagka president, disqualified naman).”

“Actually he is the man who gave him “his freedom”, dinamay lang tayo pero siya lang talaga yung nakakulong noon.😂😂 chime din another.


Source: Mark My Word by Mark Lopez

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