Radio host on Maria Ressa: “Salot. Anay. Kasama na kayong naniniwala sa kanya.”

In a Facebook post with the title “IMPERIAL MANILA”, a livid radio host and blogger Mark Lopez condemned Rappler publisher Maria Ressa for her condescending tweet towards Davao in general and SPMC in particular.

Lopez went straight to explain why his blood pressure skyrocketed as soon as he read the tweet of the Rappler publisher.

‘The malicious insinuation that the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao, was favored over PGH in Philhealth reimbursements, betrays the ignorance or elitist mentality of idiots like Maria Ressa and her coterie of misinformed, misguided and moronic wokes.’

Lopez said if it was him, he would personally pay SPMC a visit to check the width and breadth of the services it provides to the entire Mindanao.

‘Kung ako sa inyo pumunta kayo mismo sa SPMC and tingnan nyo ang scope ng serbisyo na binibigay nito sa buong Mindanao.’

Lopez, in a confident tone, remarked that perhaps in all of their lives, it is going to be the first time they’ll set their eyes on a Government hospital does not looks like government facility and even give private hospitals a run for their money.

‘Plus, baka sa tanang buhay nyo, ngayon lang kayo makakakita ng Government Hospital na hindi nyo iisipin na government facility, bagkus will give private hospitals a run for their money.’

Lopez shifted his attention towards the wokes interns of PGH and JRMC and told himself he wouldn’t be surprised if the wokes interns will be stunned and perhaps embarrassed of what they’ll find out if and when when they visit SPMC and exclaim, “It’s possible having a government hospital that is very professional, modern and not disgusting.”

‘Kung kayo eh mga woke na intern na na assign sa PGH o sa Jose Reyes Medical Center, baka magulantang kayo sa SPMC at mahiya kayo, and masabi nyo na puede naman pala magkaron ng government health institution sa Pilipinas na very professional and modern ang dating, at hindi nakakatakot o nakakadiri.’

Lopez challenged critics to see SPMC in person. ‘I dare you to go and see for yourself.’

At this juncture, Lopez cussed Maria Ressa for her condescending attitude towards Davao and for trying to impose her Imperialist attitude towards other Filipinos.

‘Tarantado yang si Maria Ressa to even look down on Davao, and impose her Imperialist Manila attitude.’

Lopez ended the rant by describing Maria Ressa and the wokes who believed her in the most unflattering Filipino terms.

‘Salot. Anay. Kasama na kayong naniniwala sa kanya.’

Credits to Nick NaƱgit – NCN Law for the image.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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