Radio host on Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal to ban K-Dramas in PH: Hindi naman K-Dramas ang problema eh…Ang problema eh ung local Telenovelas

Still on the brouhaha started by Senator Jinggoy Estrada to ban Korean content in local television, our favorite vlogger and radio host Mark Lopez minces no words in expressing his opposition to Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal to ban Korean content (KDramas) in the local television.

From the get go, Lopez spoke about something inherently wrong if we were to BAN and BLAME that is something GOOD so that Filipinos will patronize a MEDIOCRE show.

Lopez added K-Dramas aren’t the problem, not even the Filipino audiences who are enamored by K-Dramas which is not surprising because they have produce top notch shows.

Without batting an eyelash, Lopez blamed the local telenovelas as the culprit and they really need fixing so that Filipinos will patronize it without being forced.

Lopez said Maria Clara and Ibarra of GMA is a good start. Said this is the kind of shows that need the support of the senator to elevate the quality of our local shows.

Lopez’s FB followers agree with his position on the issue, if judging by their positive reaction to his post.

As of this writing, the post has generated 4,300+ reactions, 531 comments and 123 shares in just 2 hours and counting.

Here’s one reaction from Lopez’s followers which in my opinion captures the prevailing sentiment of the majority.

I totally agree….. years of mediocre screenplay, storyline, etc has suffered bec of profit of the 2 Giant Networks…. ABS and GMA were competing for the most watched and hyped teleseries. I have always gravitate to GMA bec of their well researched series and story lines but they often lose to ABS due to reach of audience and star power ….. but why for the life of me do I love the Korean Soap despite the not too good-looking actors and actresses ? It’s the story ….case in point The Very Extraordinary Atty Woo their episode every week were all interesting, funny, poignant and has the right mixture of drama and comedy…. without using the sexual innuendo associated with the gay peeps to make things funny…. and it doesn’t cheap-en the series….

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post.

Ewan ko Sen Jinggoy, but there is something inherently wrong to BAN and BLAME something that is GOOD para lang lumipat sa MEDIOCRE ang audience.

Hindi naman K-Dramas ang problema eh. Hindi rin ang Pilipino audience na nahumaling kasi maganda naman talaga ang produkto.

Ang problema eh ung local Telenovelas. Yun ata ang dapat ayusin. Para tangkilikin ng kusa.

Yung Maria Clara at Ibarra is one good start. Fresh approach, excellent storyline, and hindi tinipid ang production. Yang mga ganyan sana ang suportahan natin Senator… Para umangat.


Source: Mark Lopez

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