Radio host praises Duterte admin for accomplishing a lot in 4 years, says more massive, game-changing projects in pipeline

The numbers are in and radio host Mark Lopez cannot contain himself from boasting the achievements of the President Duterte and his administration.

Lopez said President Duterte is leaving behind a legacy that the Opposition cannot destroy destroy, the legacy of TAPANG, MALASAKIT At PUSO.

Lopez remarked these numbers were not drawn out of thin air nor created for PR blitz purposes but the product of hard work and true grit to deliver the desired results.


The NUMBERS speak for themselves…

This is what the opposition will not be able to destroy, this legacy of TAPANG, MALASAKIT AT PUSO.

The numbers here are not imagined ones, not drawn out of thin air, nor crafted for the sake of a contrived PR blitz.

These are numbers that came about because this administration worked so hard, so adamant and so determined to be able to deliver the desired results.”

Astonishing is the adjective used by Lopez to describe President Duterte’s accomplishments because he did it in four years.

“And what is more astonishing is that we have already realized the accomplishments behind the numbers, just 4 years into the term of President Rody Duterte.”

If you think the President is done and will be resting on his laurels, Lopez said you are dead wrong because he isn’t. In fact, there are still a lot of on-going projects and massive, game-changing projects being undertaken that will blow your mind.

“But wait, there’s more! There are still a lot of ongoing programs and initiatives, and a lot of massive, game-changing projects which have been undertaken in an unprecedented manner.”

Lopez told the public not to scoff at or dismiss these as mere numbers because these are the byproduct of an genuine, compassionate and strong-willed leadership of a promdi Mayor, who has but sincere aspirations for his people when he assumed office.

“These are not just numbers, peeps.

These are the byproduct of an authentic, compassionate, and strong willed leadership of a simpleton Mayor, who has but this sincere objective when he assumed power – to liberate his people from poverty, apathy and indifference, and provide the Filipino people with the means to attain a peaceful, progressive and comfortable life.”

Lopez ended the FB post with a short but a strong message to the Opposition, perhaps fearful they will grab the credit from the incumbent admin.

This is the Duterte Legacy.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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