Radio host says Senator Gordon is oligarch’s man tasked to diminish President Duterte’s anointing power in 2022 polls

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez has made his case against Senator Richard Gordon as the OLIGARCH’s man in the senate tasked to weaken President Duterte’s endorsing power for the 2022 polls.

Lopez figured that the ultimate goal of the oligarchs is to push for an upstart politician to win the 2022 presidential polls who they can control after 2022.

Lopez argued that the senate probe led by Senator Gordon on alleged anomalies of DOH purchases of medical supplies for the pandemic based was just a witch hunt.

Proof? COA told the senators during the Gordon-led senate hearing there was no findings of anomalous or tainted transaction with regards to the purchase of medical supplies and yet, Gordon is not keen in concluding the senate probe.

In other words, Lopez said the Blue Ribbon committee hearing led by Gordon is nothing but an established propaganda move known for destroying political careers in the past.

However, Lopez pointed out that the oligarchs made a bad move in anointing Gordon and given the tasked to destroy President Duterte because the guy has zero credibility and he is not Mr. Clean himself.

Lopez cited some of the anomalies in PH Red Cross wherein the senator is the chairman to drive home his point – Gordon has zero credibility.

Lopez asked whether the oligarch lobby was so strong that Senator Gordon was compelled to pick up a fight with very popular President Duterte who has done so much in the last 5 years compared to his lifetime in politics?

Lopez ended the FB post

You may read Mark Lopez full FB post below now.

Peeps, let me just highlight this fact ha…

There really was no findings of anomalous or tainted transaction by the Commission on Audit or COA.

Kaya alam nyo, yang nangyayari sa SENATE is not really a hearing in aid of legislation.

It is a WITCHHUNT, funded by an OLIGARCHY who wanted to weaken a very popular presidency, and push for an upstart politician para un ang hawak nila after 2022 kung mananalo.

And this Blue Ribbon hearing by Dick Gordon is nothing but an established propaganda move that has been been proven in the past to destroy political careers.

Kaya lang, ang problema kasi ng katulad ni Dick eh wala credibility and its not as if he is Mr. Clean himself. Nakita nyo ba yung mga reports now about irregularities sa Red Cross?

Btw Dick, how true is it na pati sa mga RT-PCR Testing Kits and Machines, involved ka daw sa transaction through your “Assistant?”

Tsk! Di ko talaga gets why do you have to do this DICK MOVE of antagonizing a well loved President who has done far more in 5 years than in your lifetime in politics. Talaga bang matindi ang oligarchy lobby?

Anyways, sige lang Dick. Tingnan natin kung ano mangyayari sa TRAPO mong career…



Source: Mark Lopez

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