Radio host says Teddy Casiño is “ultimate hypocrite”, supported PNoy impeachment on PDAF, but COA says he got P169-M PDAF?

As Krizette Chu once remarked, Teddy Casiño’s biggest fear is being exposed to their would be recruits how hypocrite he is as an activist and no one will believe him anymore.

And also, Casiño’s huge fear is when the people who have sacrificed a lot in the mountains for their ideology would come to the realization of the inequality and burning in anger will make him pay. For the unfairness of having their children suffer while his is coddled. That’s who he is afraid of.

It appears Casiño’s biggest fear, one way or the other, is happening sooner than expected.

Well, that depends on how this expose from radio host Mark Lopez pans out in the next few days, months or years.

Lopez unmasked Casiño’s lie on Facebook by presenting proof of former Bayan Muna Representative Casino’a hypocrisy.

According to Lopez, Casiño put up a show to the public by supporting the impeachment of BS Aquino, who was his PDAF godfather.

However, as per COA report circulating online, Casiño received a total of P169-M in 3 years as the Bayan Muna Party-list representative.

Lopez asked why would someone so vigorously and frontally opposed to a corrupt system of patronage be a recipient?

IMO, this does not make sense at all.

You may read Mark Lopez full FB post below.


As party list representative, Teddy Casiño was able to dip his hands into the Priority Development Fund or PDF, and he got the following:

2011 – P15 Million
2012 – 69 Million
2013 – 85 Million
(source: PDI article published July 2014)

Total of P169 Million in 3 years.

Not bad for an “activist.

But we wonder, why would someone so vigorously and frontally opposed to a corrupt system of patronage be a recipient?

But then again, we know already that Teddy Casiño is the ultimate hypocrite.

So hypocritical that he would even try to put up a show to the public by supporting the impeachment of BS Aquino who is his PDAF godfather.

Kunwari kontra sa pork barrel system. May pa blog blog pa sya nung July 2014 na binatan at nilaglag ung padrino nya sa PDAF.

Eto sabi ni Teddy sa blog entry nya dated July 28, 2014:

“This impeachment is not just about Aquino’s accountability. More than that, it is the logical continuation of our people’s righteous fight against the pork barrel system, a system that President Aquino continues to defend despite the Supreme Court’s rulings on PDAF and DAP. This is important because even as I write this, the Palace and Congress have connived to create a new, discreet mechanism for legislators to access their pork barrel. Meanwhile, Aquino wants DAP to be institutionalized in the 2015 election budget.

In more ways than one, the impeachment of the President is an attack on a key element in the country’s system of patronage politics – the pork barrel system that puts billions of lump sum funds in the hands of politicians. By pushing for Aquino’s impeachment, I contribute to the effort to change a hopelessly corrupt system fueled by the pork barrel and lorded over by political dynasties, oligarchs and vested foreign interests. The impeachment represents a big blow to the Establishment that we all know is rotten to the core. Ah, but surely this favors Jejomar Binay, an equally traditional, pork barrel-hungry politician? Possibly. But even if it does, what of it? The decision on who succeeds Aquino was made by the voters in 2010. It is a reality we have to face. But Binay will face his own dose of reality – a vigilant public demanding an end to the pork barrel system exemplified by DAP and PDAF. An empowered citizenry demanding more from a government that is supposed to adhere to the Constitution and deserve the people’s trust. I am for impeachment because I am for accountability. I am for impeachment because I want genuine change. Removing the Pork Barrel King is a first step.”

Matinde di ba?

Galit sa pork barrel system at pakitang gilas pa na nanguna sa pag impeach sa padrino nya…

Pero kumuha din naman ng PDAF.

Ang mas masakit, ginamit ang pondo ng bayan para sa kanilang katarantaduhan.

Sobrang panloloko at pang aabuso na ito sa taumbayan.

Isipin nyo naman, pera ng bayan ang nagagamit ng mga terorista gaya ni Teddy atbp para manggulo, manira ng pamilya, mang gamit, at pumatay.

Hahayaan pa din ba natin ito?

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