Radio host shares simple yet brilliant explanation of logic behind President Duterte’s threat of scrapping VFA agreement vs Senator Bato’s US visa

Radio host Mark Lopez volunteered to illuminate and educate netizens regarding President Duterte’s strategy in VFA versus the visa of Senator Bato in plain terms.

Let’s try to illuminate and educate ourselves dito sa diskarte ni President Rody Duterte sa VFA versus the visa of Senator Bato, in plain terms.

Lopez remarked that only the dilawans & fake socialist-real terrorist would readily dismiss what he called “savvy” diplomatic play by the president.

Only the dilawans and fake socialists-real terrorists would dismiss and downplay this savvy diplomatic play by the president.

Lopez asked when was the last time we had a President who made a brazen attack against the almighty United States?

Pero sandali lang, kelan ba kayo nakakita ng presidente na bumanat ng ganyan laban sa almighty United States?

Lopez said this strategic advantage or leverage and use it to our advantage was unheard of and no President has ever dared go against the US since we were supposedly liberated in the 1940s.

When have we ever had leverage and use it to our strategic advantage? This is unheard of, and no one ever dared go against the US from the time that we were supposedly liberated in the late 40s.

Lopez said Duterte’s move threatening to cancel VFA was not shallow or out on a whim but an ultimate poker winner-take-all situation.

And this is not a shallow or whimsical move.

You see, this is the ultimate poker ALL IN situation.

Lopez pointed out that after the US bases were kicked out in the Philippines, America still has to maintain a grip of the Philippines, in light of the new realities on the ground in geopolitical speak, where power is shifting from West to East, hence the US had us signed different mutual agreements.

Eto ha, nung nawala ang mga US bases dito, America still has to maintain a grip sa atin, especially in the geo-political world where power is shifting from West to East.

Kaya kung anu anung mutual agreements ang pinapirma sa Pilipinas, like Mutual Defense Treaty, EDCA and yan ngang VFA.

Lopez asked his readers who they think will benefit the most out of these agreements? Lopez answered that definitely not the Philippines. Why? Because our forefathers did not strive to further our sovereignty because we were sold to the US so this explains why became mirror image of Uncle Sam not in appearance but in our politics, government and culture.

And sa tingin nyo, sino mas may need nyang mga agreement na yan, sa totoo lang?

Definitely hindi tayo. Bakit? Eh hindi nagsikap ang mga ninuno natin na itaguyod ang ating soberenya at binenta lang tayo sa America kaya tayo eh naging image and likeness ni Uncle Sam, not in appearance, but in our politics, government, and culture.

Lopez lamented the Filipinos did not copy Japan, who despite suffering from an atomic bomb attack by America, they strived to establish their national identity. Despite their defeat, this did not stop them from strengthening their nationalistic fervor.

Hindi natin ginaya ang Japan na kahit tinalo at binagsakan ng atomic bomb ng America eh nagpursigi pa din na ma establish ang kanyang national identity. Natalo man sila sa giyera pero mas naging maigting ang kanilang nationalism.

Moving back to the agreements, Lopez said it was clear that the US needs us more than we do.

“So balik tayo sa mga agreements. Malinaw yan na mas kailangan tayo ng America kesa sa kailangan natin sila.”

Lopez remarked that PRRD wants to test this theory and see how America responds to this.

“At yan ang gusto ma establish ni PRRD. Sa pagbitaw nya ng ultimatum patungkol sa VFA at gamiting leverage ang cancelled visa ni Sen Bato, tinitingnan ngayon ni PRRD kung ano ang response ng Amerika…”

Lopez stated that if America reinstate Senator Bato’s US Visa, then American will have shown PRRD how important the Philippines is to American as strategic partner.

“Kapag na renew ang visa ni Sen Bato dahil sa threat na yan, then America will show its card kay Duts na ganun talaga kahalaga ang VFA.”

Otherwise, that would mean PRRD can scrap the VFA, freeing us from the US grip for good.

“Pag hindi naman nag pasindak ang America, then that would mean Duterte can scrap the VFA, and that will unshackle us from the grip of the United States.”

Lopez asked isn’t this what the likes of Teddy and Nato (Reyes) have been shouting in the streets but no matter how many times they rallied against the VFA, they were unsuccessful? But Lopez said, President Duterte may achieved what they failed to do in one masterstroke. But because they did not play a major role to this victory, if ever, Teddy and Nato will downplay and oppose this Duterte’s move. Do you why? Because these people aren’t really fighting for the Filipinos.

“Eh di ba yan na ang matagal na sinisigaw at pinag ra rally nina Teddy at Nato? Kaya nga humaba na baba nyan dahil panay rally at porma lang wala naman nagagawa eh eto isang banat lang ni Presidente, matutupad na ang matagal ng minimithi ng mga makakaliwa. Pero dahil hindi sila instrumento dito, eh syempre babale walain nila yan at kokontrahin pa kahit magmukha na silang tanga… eh kasi mga hindi naman talaga Pilipinas at mga Pilipino ang pinaglalaban nitong mga ungas na ito eh…”

Lopez claimed that PRRD’s move has forced the US to analyze and think before responding. The fact that PRRD, based on what he read how PPRD is giving the US foreign policy nightmares, that to him is awe-inspiring. No President, according to Lopez, has done it.

“So dahil jan sa move ni PRRD, eh di Amerika ngayon ang kailangan mag analyze at mag isip ng kanilang isasagot. Alam nyo, the fact lang na nababasa ko how Duterte is giving the the United States foreign policy nightmares eh nakaka hanga na… Walang presidente na nakagawa nyan!”

Lopez urged netizens to watch the Netflix series “Madam Secretary” to give them an idea how America bargains its superpower status.

“Alam nyo, manood kayo ng “Madam Secretary” sa Netflix para magka idea kayo how America bargains its superpower status. Am not saying the depiction is that accurate pero you can have a sense of how diplomacy is practiced among states.”

Lopez ended the long post with the assertion that PRRD has opened our eyes – that we can stand up to foreign powers and determine our destiny.

And eto yung magandang namulat sa atin ngayon ni PRRD – that we can stand up to foreign powers, and determine our own destiny…

Again, si Duterte lang nakagawa nyan.

‘nuff said 👊🏼🇵🇭👊🏼

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Source: Mark Lopez

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