Radio host silences Liza Soberano amid call to PRRD re ABS-CBN franchise: “Bakit nuon di kayo nanawagan sa ABS to endeavor to save these jobs?”

As ABS-CBN’s franchise is nearing its expiry date, its TV talents or artistas are desperately launching the offensive to convince or pressure President Duterte to grant new franchise to the TV network.

Young ABS-CBN actress Liza Soberano was one of the latest ABS-CBN talents calling President Duterte to rethink his stance on the franchise renewal of the TV network, noting the employees who will lose their jobs if its broadcast operations cease.

On this note, radio host and lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles of Karambola and admin of the Facebook page ‘Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan‘ wrote an open letter precisely to debunk insinuations from the tone of ABS-CBN talents that President Duterte is to blame in case ABS-CBN fails to get an extension to operate beyond March 2020.

Angeles, a trained lawyer as she is, quickly turned the tables around by asking a series of questions to throw off the ABS-CBN artistas into the defensive stance.

For example, Angeles asked why the artistas did not appeal to ABS-CBN to pay what they owe or neglect to pay?

Angeles said ABS-CBN owners could have held talks with President Duterte in 2016 and onwards regarding their franchise but they didn’t and wait until it comes to this? Rather than investing their time and resources for the renewal of their franchise, they were busy supporting the Opposition, who were annihilated, whether in public policy issues or in the election.

Angeles asked ABS-CBN artistas (Liza Soberano) why they did not appeal to ABS-CBN to save these jobs?

Angeles lamented why is it President Duterte’s problem to fix the network’s lack of foresight?

Angeles ended the brief FB post with an emphatic statement that it is ABS-CBN’s neglect, so they should be held accountable or answerable to their sins or mistakes. Not the prettiest translation but you get the gist, right?

Here’s the full text of Trixie Cruz-Angeles FB post below.

Dear artistas asking the president to grant ABS a new franchise to save the employees’ jobs:

Bakit di kayo manawagan sa ABS na panagutan nila ang kapabayaan nila?

They could have held talks with the President in 2016 and onwards? Bakit umabot sa ganito? Imbes na pagtuunan ng pansin ang franchise renewal, dun sila sa pag biga suporta sa oposisyon, na walang maipanalo, maging public policy isyu man, o eleksyon.

Bakit nuon di kayo nanawagan sa ABS to endeavor to save these jobs?

Why is it the President’s problem to clean up ABS CBN’ lack of foresight? Nagpabaya and ABS, managot sila.

Your reaction?

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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