Radio host slams Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano for playing victim on Twitter after Gab at receiving end of trolls for believing Leni-Kiko tandem?

Gab Pangilinanan’s mother took to Twitter to warn “trolls” to stop bashing her son Gab for believing in Leni-Kiko tandem.

Gab’s mother, as Atty. Darwin Canete described, swiped the victim card in defense of his son from cyb*rbu*lying because he just recovered from ment@l bre@kd0wn.

Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano’s tweet has gone viral it was posted on April 9, 2022.

Angeli’s tweet did not make a lot of BBM supporters happy including radio host Mark Lopez who wasted no time in chiding Gab’s mother via a Facebook post.

Lopez began by asking his followers who are pro-admin and BBM if the Kakampinks are really this entitled?

Lopez gave Angeli a tongue-lashing for letting her son get involved in politics when she is aware her son suffered from mental breakdown in the recent past and how toxic our political atmosphere is.

Lopez said that Angeli should have warned her son to stay out of politics and the spotlight because its very toxic and he may be unable to handle the stress that comes with it.

However since he made his choice, Lopez said Gab should man up and not hide from his illness.

Lopez ended the FB post chiding Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano for playing the victim card.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s FB post below.

Seriously, ganito ba talaga ka entitled ang mga PINKLAWANS?

I mean, susmaryosep naman, umeksena anak mo in public and made his choice IN PUBLIC, and hindi naman sya siguro bobo na hindi nya alam how heated and toxic the political atmosphere here ngayon sa atin.

Tapos, dahil na bash, ang netizens pa ngayon ang insensitive?!!!

Kung may mental problem pala yan eh bakit nyo hinayaan umeksena?

Sana ung anak nyo pinagsabihan nyo na “Gab, baka hindi mo kayanin. Maybe its best to remain out of the spotlight.”

But he made his adult choice.

He should stand by it and not hide under an illness.

Antinde nyo naman Ms Angeli, pa victim pa kayo ngayon?



Source: Mark Lopez

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