Radio host slams Leni Robredo because she wants to ban turncoatism if elected President?

Radio host Mark Lopez can’t help but comment that VP Leni Robredo is indeed suffering from brain fog.

Brain fog is a term used to describe the feeling of being mentally sluggish and fuzzy. 

Lopez was reacting to Leni Robredo saying that she wants a law banning turncoatism because it weakens political parties. You may read Robredo’s statement embedded in Philstar’s quote card below for context.

Lopez was appalled that Robredo has the audacity to make such statement when as the elected chairperson of the Liberal Party of the Philippines, she run as an independent because she was embarrassed to be affiliated with the Liberal Party. She changed her color to totally distance herself with Liberal party.

Lopez was apparently pissed that Robredo has the face to lecture the public why turncoatism is bad?

Lopez asked if what Robredo is doing isn’t stupidity?

Here are some of the comments of netizens.

Netizen #1 aptly described Leni Robredo as politician.

The hypocrisy and double standards. All the time.

Netizen #2 remarked that Leni is hypocrite to denounce political convenience when she is also guilty of committing what she hates what other politicians are doing.

Di ba dati liberal party ka ngayon independent ka. Anong tawag pala nyan? From liberal naging neutral party ganon? Bakit di mo ba tinalikuran ang mga pinaglalaban ng liberal party mo dati? Ay hindi kc kunyari lang. A political convenience pala ang tawag. Lutang ka talaga.

Netizen #3 noted that Leni Robredo likes to talk to the mirror.

si madumb palaging nakipagusap sa salamin. lahat patungkol sa kanya

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below.

Itong si Madumb, talagang lutang…
Sya ang elected chairman ng Liberal Party of the Philippines.
Pero ano ginawa nya ngayon?
Nilaglag nya ang Partido nya. Ikinahiya. Nagpalit pa ng kulay.
Tapos mag le-lecture sa atin ng ganito?
Di ba kabobohan yan?


Source: Mark Lopez

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