Radio host taunts Leni Robredo, wokes after New Zealand’s PM enlisted military in fight vs covid

When President Duterte enlisted the military to help the DOH in the fight against the coronavirus, the President’s critics – the wokes and activists – mocked President Duterte.

Comments and memes like “medical not military is the solution to solve the health crisis” circulated online.

As if on cue, VP Leni Robredo sided with the wokes and activists with regards to the mobilization of the military.

Robredo cited New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Arderm as an example, after the announcement one week ago that NZ has zero cases of Covid-19.

VP Leni Robredo said “women make great leaders in a pandemic because of their maternal instincts.”

Robredo’s body movements tells us she is positioning herself for the 2022 election saying that in case another pandemic happens between 2022 and 2026, the country will be in great hands because she’s a woman.

However, if you asks radio host Mark Lopez, Leni Robredo’s assertion that women makes great leaders in pandemic because of their maternal instincts and Duterte calling the military to fight covid are not necessarily true if we based it on the recent development in New Zealand.

In case you did not read the news, Zealand’s Prime Minister is enlisting their military in fighting covid after the coronavirus makes a comeback in the country.

Lopez wrote on Facebook, “Well, NZ PM Arderm has just announced that defense forces will take over quarantine facilities, as well as strengthen border requirements, as new Covid-19 cases emerge.”

Lopez quoted New Zealand’s PM to drive home his point that Robredo and the wokes argument that the military is a misjudgment on Duterte’s part is wrong. “My view is that we need the rigour, we need the confidence, we need the discipline that the military can provide,” Ardern told reporters at a news conference in parliament.”

Lopez said to Robredo that because of New Zealand PM’s maternal instinct, she figured the military is the solution. “Ayan Madam Leni, dahil nga sa protective maternal instincts ni PM Arderm, ang nakikita nyang solusyon eh militar.”

Lopez asked Robredo if she agrees with him that this is the same stance of President Duterte from the beginning of the crisis?

“Wait, di ba yan ang naging matibay na posisyon ni President¬†Rody Duterte¬†umpisa pa lang ng krisis dito sa atin?”

If that is the case, Lopez remarked that indeed President Duterte’s maternal instinct is great. “Putres, grabe pala ang maternal instincts ng Pangulo…”

Lopez ended the FB post by rubbing it on the faces of the wokes how flawed their arguments and criticism against President Duterte’s policy of mobilizing the military to help the DOH in the fight against the pandemic. “Pano ba yan, mga woke at aktibista? Solusyong militar na ang New Zealand, hindi medical.”

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Source: Mark Lopez

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