Radio host to Kakampinks who are BTS fans: Musta naman ROTC plans nyo?

In light of news reports that members of uber popular South Korean group BTS are taking some time off from performing because of the 2 year mandatory military service training for its citizens, radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez took this as an opportunity to ask BTS fans who are Kakampinks regarding their RTOC plans.

Lopez started by asking Kakampinks if they are aware that BTS, K-Pop group who is a global phenom have committed to the 2-year mandatory military service training?

Lopez revealed that BTS have turned down an offer from several individuals, apparently with powerful connections, to have them exempted from military training for their achievements for Korea (South).

While we are waiting for the reply of the Kakampinks, let us entertain ourselves by reading the witty comments from netizens with regards to Mark Lopez’s question regarding the ROTC plans of Kakampinks.

This netizen wants some update from those who are proud to say that volunteerism in the Philippines is very much alive but throw tantrums when ask to do household chores.

Kumusta na yung mga palasigaw ng “Buhay na buhay ang Volunteerism!” pero nagdadabog kapag nauutusan sa bahay? Kaya naman daw ipaglaban ang Pinas gamit ang hadouken ni LenLen. AHAHAHAHA

Another commenter joked about those who eager beaver to go to war against China but not in favor of ROTC because it will mess their kojic routine.

Masisira raw kojic routine. Di na makapag myday sa SB. Pero gigil na gigil makipag gy*ra sa china

Mas bet po kasi nila MAGTWERK SA TIKTOK!” chimed in another.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below.

Mga Kakampinks na K-Pop, alam nyo ba na ang Global phenom na BTS, may mga members na nag commit na sa kanilang 2-year mandatory military service training?

Yan eh sa kabila ng kanilang super kasikatan ngayon eh walang nag inarte when it comes to service to the country, and kahit may mga lumalakad para bigyan sila exemption because of what they have achieved for Korea.

Musta naman ROTC plans nyo?


Source: Mark Lopez

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