Radio host to Sen. Migz Zubiri: You have lost my vote Sir

Senator Migz Zubiri’s suggestion to his senate colleagues, which was also supported by 6 more colleagues (the usual suspects) has been met with heavy criticism from the Duterte supporters, including radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez.

Lopez was so livid that he took to Facebook to tell the senator from Bukidnon he is withdrawing support to his re-election bid.

Lopez’s sentiment seems to be shared by 11,000+ netizens as well.

Sayang Mr. Zubiri, you lost my vote. You are intelligent but I wonder why you are not knowledgeable of Ma.Ressa’s cases in court & her conviction, wrote one commenter.

My doubt is now confirmed you can’t be relied upon Zubiri. You lost another vote here! Seconded another netizen.

It’s a shame. I really thought the OVP budget increase was a one-off thing. Then, he expressed support for ABS-CBN. Now, this? When you honor Ressa, you’re literally agreeing with every lie she has said and written. So does this senator believe our country has been a warzone and that press freedom has been suppressed under Duterte? Let’s thank him for helping us make a more informed choice next year by not including his name on the ballot, this netizen recalled what he thinks are Zubiri’s strange stance on some issues considering he projected himself as a Duterte ally.

Mr Zubiri, though we are both Mindanaoans, u don’t deserve my precious vote…an emphatic netizen told the senator.

You may read the FB post below now.

I am so sorry but this is unacceptable, Senator Migz Zubiri.

We all know how manipulative and scheming the person whom you want to honor, and I personally am offended by your stance.

Ako mismo biktima ng panggagago nyan and what she has been doing to our country and our people are really UNFORGIVABLE.

With this, I withdraw my support to your candidacy.

You have lost my vote Sir.


Source: Mark Lopez

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