Radio host unmasks Reina Mae Nasino brouhaha, calls it classic leftist propaganda to agitate gullible Pinoys

Were you one of those Filipinos who cried, cursed and slammed the government because of Reina Mae Nasino, the grieving mother whose child died while in jail?

Well, as Atty. Bruce Rivera wrote, we Filipinos are compassionate people so we easily sympathize with people who have tragic and sad story.

What if I tell you that you just fell for the tried and tested propaganda technique of the leftist groups and the NPAs?

Yes, that’s right!

According to the latest FB post of radio host and blogger Mark Lopez, the media blitz surrounding Reina Mae Nasino was a classic example of “AGIT PROP”.

Lopez went on to explain what he meant by that.

“Ang tawag sa ginawa ng mga pekeng makakaliwa sa issue ni Reina Nasino at anak nya na si River ay AGITATION PROPAGANDA o AGIT PROP…

Lopez further stressed what the heck was the Nasino media blitz all about.

“Deliberate na pag incite at pagpukaw sa emosyon nyo, kasama ang pag play up ng media…

Lopez remarked he was not surprised Diokno, Robredo and Gutoc issuing statements related to the Nasino case.

“Playbook na nila yan nuon pa…At yang pagsakay nina Leni Robredo, Chel Diokno, Samira Gutoc at mga iba pang dilawang talunan eh parte yan ng AGIT PROP na yan.

Lopez laughed at netizens who fell for the AGIT PROP of the leftist group.

“Akala nyo mga concerned sa HUMANITY? Of course not.”

Lopez said these groups are every noisy when it suits them.

“Halata naman maingay lang yang mga yan whenever it suits their narrative.

Lopez must be laughing his ass off knowing the wokes and fake showbiz activist swallowed the bait hook line and sinker.

“And you wokininams and fake showbiz activists fell for it.”

Lopez punctuated the brief FB post with one cuss word.


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Source: Mark Lopez

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