Radio host unmasks Twitter page pretending to be pro-Duterte, Bong Go. Admin connected with Leni Robredo, Silent No More?

Radio host Mark Lopez warned the Duterte supporters to be wary of the Twitter page Unlad Pinas Go whom he accused of passing itself as a pro-Duterte page but isn’t.


Lopez alleged that the admin of the said Twitter page is RODEL JAYME, one of the admins behind the Juan Nationalist and Silent No More Facebook pages, which regularly post anti-Duterte memes attacking the President.

Lopez confessed that someone tipped him the identity of the page admin of the Unlad Pinas Go.

The tipster also claimed Rodel Jayme is very active in pro-LP pages, Juan Nationalist and Silent No More Ph.

Lopez concluded that the accompanying photos revealed Rodel Jayme’s political leanings.

In light of this information, Lopez asked Jayme to confirm if allegations against him are true or not. For example, he is personally connected to the Office of the Vice President.


Peeps, kahapon may nilabas ako na twitter page na “UNLAD PINAS GO (Photo 1) na supposedly eh pro-Duterte pero sinabi ko na dilawan propaganda yan na designed para tayo lokohin. Pinatulan yang page na yan ng mga dilawan heavyweights like Edwin Lacierda and Jim Paredes.

After natin nilabas yan, nawala na yung page sa twitter.

Now it gets interesting…

May nag tip sa atin.

Eto DAW ang taong gumawa nung page na yun – RODEL JAYME (Photo 2)…

And according to the tip, etong Rodel Jayme eh active din sa JUAN NATIONALIST and SILENT NO MORE socmed pages.

And the accompanying photos would also describe the political leaning and affiliation of Rodel Jayme.

Since Mr. Rodel Jayme is very active in social media, may I therefore address him directly –

Mr Rodel Jayme, if you come across this post, kindly validate if you are the person who is behind that UnladPinasGo twitter page which tried to pretend to be a pro Duterte page.

Also, is it true that you are also one of the admins of Juan Nationalist and Silent No More pages?

If true, who is paying you? Who is bankrolling these pages?

Are you also directly connected with the Office of the Vice President?

We would appreciate Mr Jayme if you can clarify the above queries. My FB account is most open to your response, and we are more than willing to air your side.

The floor is yours…

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