Radio host wants PNP, NBI Cybercrime Division to probe self-proclaimed GMA News geo-political expert for possible violation of recently signed RA 11469

Radio host Mark Lopez believed Richard Heydarian, a rabid anti-Duterte and self-proclaimed geopolitical expert of GMA News was peddling fake news about the Chinese test kits.

In a Facebook post. Lopez challenged the PNP and the NBI Cybercrime Division to investigate this fake news for possible violation of recently signed RA 11469 or the Bayanihan We Heal as One Act.

Anyone caught violating this law is punishable by 2 months imprisonment or a fine of not less than PHP 10,000 but not more than PHP1,000,000. [Link here]

You may read the full article below.


The Philippine National Police Nbi Cybercrime Division should investigate this FAKE NEWS being peddled by a certain Richard Heydarian.

In his post, Mr Heydarian claimed that the COVID-19 TEST KITS that the Chinese Government DONATED to the Philippines were 80% FAKE (Screenshot 1 of the PINK-colored post of Heydarian)

Now what is his source reference?

It appears that he based his assertion on a Yahoo news article that was published today. In this article, it was pointed out that the test kits being used in Spain and Czech Republic turned out to be UNRELIABLE. (Photos 2-4)

Now there are several points we need to clarify.

1. The article said the tests, which were the so-called RAPID ones, were found to be faulty, with Czech Republic saying they were only 20% accurate, while Spain said 30%.

2. The tests kits are not FAKE, they are FAULTY. There is a huge difference. It has been established that there are the types of RAPID TEST KITS that would be less accurate, especially compared to the PCR Test, which is more reliable.

3. The article stated that Spain and Czech Republic PURCHASED the kits. CHINA did NOT DONATE them.

4. The article mentioned a particular Brand – BIOEASY – as the faulty Rapid Test Kit.

With these, Heydarian is clearly misleading and deliberately slanting his post to attack the Duterte administration and China.

For one, his assertion to say that 80% of the kits DONATED by China are FAKE is maliciously false.

For one, the kits are not FAKE. They are actual products with less reliable results.

Two, his referencing Spain and Czech Republic were misleading because the kits that were mentioned were not CHINA DONATIONS, but purchased by the countries themselves.

In so far as the Philippines is concerned, the CHINA DONATED KITS do not include BIOEASY.

Attached as photos 5-8 are the list of China brand Kits that was received by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Philippines. Note that BIOEASY is not on the list.

It is therefore clear that Richard Heydarian, who does not hide his affiliation with the United States Council of Foreign Relations, and Center for Strategic Studies, is PEDDLING FAKE NEWS.

Under the recently signed RA 11469 or the Bayanihan We Heal as One Act, what he has posted is already a violation.

(thank you Francis Abraham/Mike Acebedo Lopez)

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Source: Mark Lopez

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