Radio host|blogger goes beast mode versus Rappler for calling Catriona Gray’s winning answer ‘problematic & romanticized’

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez goes beast mode against Rappler on Facebook after the news website published an article bitterly attacking Catriona Gray’s winning answer.

According to the headline of Rappler’s article, Gray’s winner answer was problematic and romanticized.

Gray was responding to the final question, “What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life, and how would you apply it to your time as Miss Universe?”

In case you missed her winning answer, please read below.

While Rappler may have the support of some of her readers, many netizens including blogger Mark Lopez couldn’t hide their dismay at Rappler for spoiling the celebratory mood of the general public.

Check out Lopez’s FB post below condemning Rappler for raining on our parade.


You know, it is stories like this which really negates all efforts at unity and harmony in our country.

I mean here is our newly crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray spreading love and positivity, and making all of us feel proud as a Filipino.

But then, somebody has to rain on our parade and be the bitch who would rather sow intrigue and uglify what is beautiful and amazing.

This is why Rappler is perhaps the most hated media company right now.

You know, these bitter netizens who like to impose their pseudo-intelligence are actually so few and so detached with reality, that they are not really worth the attention.

But Rappler has to highlight them and to enable them to be mainstream, because hey, their mission and vision is for Filipinos to hate each other and tear each other apart. All because their Mama Maria wants to be the queen and owner of the media universe.

This is really one time that amid the festive mood of the season, I am begging this government to shut down this fucker Rappler and jail their mother tax evader once and for all.

Now na!

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