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Radio host’s open letter exposes young actress as just a another pretty face & nothing much else

Due to lack of projects, some of our local celebs are having extended vacations and definitely missing the limelight. So to stay in the limelight and not forgotten by their fans, some local celebs are getting their hands dipped in the world of politics.

If you have been a social media habitue, you already know who I was referring to.

One perfect example is Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano, one of the vocal critics of the Duterte administration on social media.

After the Duterte admin announced that NCR and CALABARZON revert to General Community Quarantine status after the latest surge of covid cases, the young actress did not waste the chance to take a jab at the Duterte government on Twitter.

Basically, the actress said that Philippines paled in comparison when compared to the US in terms of vaccination, testing and extending financial aid to its citizens.

The actress wrote that staying at home is easy if people have food on the table and money to pay the bills.

On that note, a known Duterte defender on social media, radio host and blogger named Mark Lopez wrote an open letter to expose the young actress as just another pretty face and nothing much else between her head and also to enlighten the young actress regarding her misconception about the Duterte admin’s “lack of financial support” for the poor.

To answer Liza Soberano’s “where is the support for the poor in our country?” Lopez began by quizzing Soberano with the following questions:

  1. If she heard how many OFWs were sent home and who foot the bills for their repatriation, their 15-day isolation in a hotel, food and transportation to their home provinces?
  2. If she was aware that the Duterte admin have already extended P8K financial aid to around 5M registered 4Ps and public transport drivers twice?
  3. If she was aware of the DOLE program called CAMP at TUPAD Programs have also extended P5K aid to our informal sectors?
  4. And lastly, she heard how the government provided free rides to our medical frontliners? Not including the P200M+ toll fees waived by toll operators to our frontliners?

Otherwise, Soberano is just another celebrity critic who is making noise for the sake of hitting the Duterte admin without getting her facts straight.

On Soberano’s question why the Philippines hasn’t started mass vaccination yet unlike the US?

Lopez’s answer was straight to the point: The US is prioritizing its people first before the rest of the world. Lopez wondered what Soberano thinks about the manufacture of v@ccines? It’s finished with a snap of the finger?

Lopez asked if Soberano thinks the Philippines is the center of the world and we should be the first country to receive the v@ccines when the US owns the formula and manufactures it?

In addition, Lopez inquired if Soberano have any idea of the thing called Law of Supply and Demand and the role of public health structure in the handling of pandemic?

At this juncture, Lopez went on to drop the question that literally shredded whatever iota of credibility Liza Soberano has as a critic: Did she say something about our public health when PNoy was the President?

Finally, of all the ghostwriters available, why did she allow Ogie Diaz to act as her proxy on Twitter?

Lopez wrapped up the open letter by leaving the young actress a wise advice:

“Alam mo Miss Soberano, instead of being dramatic, be fully informed.”


Source: Mark Lopez

Dear Liza, Did you know that more than HALF A MILLION of our OFWs have been sent home, ALL EXPENSES PAID by the…

Posted by Mark Lopez on Monday, March 22, 2021
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