Radio personality Mark Lopez reveals why our country sucked big time in the last 30 years!

Have you ever asked why our country sucked big time in the last 30 years?

No idea? Clueless?

Well, perhaps radio personality and social media blogger Mark Lopez can help us answer that question.

Whether you take his opinion as the gospel truth or not, it’s up to you.

Guess, you’re old enough to decide which “truths” you want to believe.

In a Facebook titled, “Priority”, blogger and radio personality Mark Lopez help us answer your question why our country sucked in the last 30 years.

“If you are law abiding tax paying citizen, OFW, farmer or fisherman, or an innocent child or a senior citizen, do not expect any promotion or protection of your welfare by the Liberal Party, the CBCP and the dilawans.”

“Unless you are or you become a drug addict or pusher, a for-hire “militant” or a lazy “tambay.” Then you are now worth fighting for with Leni, Meilou and company.”

Lopez concluded:

No wonder our country sucked big time in the last 30 years…

Let’s read the comments of social media and see if they agree with Mark Lopez.

Liracot Golozume Yah!: “You got it Sir Mark.. this country sucks big time because of this people.. dipuuger gid..”

Kristine Aha: “damn right. with Aquino and LP run the government, better migrate to other country than stay in purgatory…”

Adinalliro Nasor: “Yes true hwg kana mg assume dhil priority ng mga 💩💩 ay un mga pasaway n kriminal 😂😂😂😂”

Rob Chan: “Parang batang ayaw magpa disiplina… ayaw sumunod sa otoridad… at puro kalayaan ang pinaglalaban..

This is not civilization anymore…this is JUNGLE.. everything is law no everything … free TO EAT OR BE EATEN!”

Rommel Marcial Bequillo: “When reality strikes, it hurts knowing our supposed to be leaders that should norture us now become a hindrance to success.”

Your thoughts?

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