Radios host slams priest who tells parishioners to vote for decent candidate. Otherwise, they better stop attending mass

A netizen who identified himself as priest has earned his 15-minutes of fame on social media for betting his priesthood in the coming elections.

The alleged priest is identified as Dyames Uy-Gascon who wrote that if his parishioners won’t vote for a decent candidate, they might as well stop going to church and attend mass.

Gascon took a swipe at parishioners who acted as lectors, who loves to quote the bible and then, they are supporting the demon? What kind of parishioners are you? The priest asked.

The alleged priest ended the FB rant declaring his readiness to lose friends if that is the case.

On that note, radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez can’t help but write a brief but sharp rebuttal criticizing the said priest.

On Facebook, Lopez wrote:

Imagine this member of the Catholic clergy spewing venom and toxicity because of politics.

Ganito ang mga klase ng tao na supporter ni Madumb.

Kaya hindi talaga dadami eh.

Netizens who stumbled upon Lopez’s FB post were in disbelief that these words came from the mouth of a man of the cloth.

wow… did he really say that??my goodness…i am a Catholic, gettin so disgusted with some. of the bishops and priests, nadadamay tuloy ung iba na iba naman ang paniniwala na di gaya ng sa mga yan….

That is the problem with priests who talk more politics than the spiritual life. Our Lord himself didn’t preach against the Romans who were occupying Israel at that time. Israel at that time was part of the province of Syria (i.e. a province of the Roman Empire.)The only time our Lord confronted politicians was when he was arrested by Pilate, when Pilate sent him to Herod, and still, all their talks were personal.For those priests who are so much into politics and who do not spend hours in the confessional, may the Lord have mercy on you.

I am a Catholic and that’s unacceptable. The people in the parish where he is assigned should file a complaint against him.

The hypocrisy and playing politics of priests are reasons why RC church attendance has decreased through the years. 🤷‍♂️


Source: Mark Lopez

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