Radyo INQ host Ira Panganiban had lengthy convo with from DFA, shares learnings re diplomatic passport

Just had a lengthy conversation with a friend from the DFA. He is a career officer.

Radio Inquirer’s Ira Panganiban had a lengthy conversation with an insider friend from the DFA and gladly shared their conversation to enlighten the public about diplomatic passports.

And IMO, the old man Albert del Rosario was either stupid or he was simply trying to create a scenario to embarrass PH-China relations.

I want to direct your attention to Panganiban’s post below and see if you agree with me.

Just had a lengthy conversation with a friend from the DFA. He is a career officer.

Here are a few learnings from the conversation:

1. Former diplomatic officers retain their title for life. With this comes a few perks like courtesies from local and foreign immigration authorities. The operative word being “courtesies.”

2. A diplomatic passport is different from a regular passport. Most government officials will be issued a diplomatic passport but will retain their regular passports. Many friends who left government never used their diplomatic passports after.

3. Diplomatic passports, in order to be official and unrefusable in the country to be visited must come with an official travel order from the DFA or Malacanang. In cases of diplomatic posting, there must be prior communication to the Foreign Affairs office of the host country prior to the arrival of the diplomat.

4. Only holders of diplomatic passports with official travel orders can claim diplomatic immunity. Former diplomats carrying diplomatic passports do not have this privilege and can be allowed or refused entry depending on the discretion of the host country.

5. Entry by a foreigner to another country is not a right, as some misinformed comments say here on social media. It is their country, it is their right to allow or refuse the entry of a foreigner on their soil.

So there!

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