Radyo Singko anchor and lawyer tells Agot Isidro to practice what she preach before giving advice to Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz, a Marcos supporter, has been attacked left, right and center from fellow celebrities who are obviously Dilawans and anti-Marcos for comparing history to chismis or gossip.

Veteran actress Agot Asidro, one of Leni Robredo’s rabid supporters, joined fellow Dilawans but gave a subdued but still a slap on the wrist to Ella Cruz for her “history is like chismis” statement.

According to Agot Isidro, Ella Cruz could have replied with ‘no comment’ answer when asked anything about politics.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Bruce Rivera remarked that Agot should have walked the talk and follow her own advice to Ella Cruz.

According to Atty. Bruce, in 2016, Agot made remarks against PRRD even if there is no truth to the chismis (gossip) that PRRD is a killer.

Worst, after 6 years, Agot is still alive because the murderer that she hated a lot, did not silence her.

She could have said NO comment but she chose to talk in the name of freedom of speech, Atty. Bruce lamented.

Atty. Bruce said that Agot has no moral ascendancy to tell Ella Cruz to zip her mouth she herself was guilty of believing a mere gossip about PRRD.

Atty. Bruce ended the FB post by condemning Agot’s ‘No comment’ advice as worse because she is like a rabid dog who hates the bark of other dogs. Perhaps she is forgetting her humanity because her action now is the nature of a beast.

You may now read Atty. Bruce’s FB post rebuking Agot Isidro.

Gusto ko sagutin si Agot

Agot, yung advise mo kay Ella ay dapat sinunod mo muna. Nung 2016, tumalak ka agad kay PRD kahit tsismis lang narinig mo na killer siya.

Worst, 6 years na lumipas at buhay ka pa. Di ka man lang pinatahimik ng kinamumuhian mong murderer.

Pwede ka ding mag NO comment. Pero nagsalita ka. Kasi freedom of speech nga.

So bakit mo ngayon uutusan si Ella na mag NO comment dahil naniniwala ka din sa tsismis kay PRD na parang totoo.

Ang masahol lang sa yo, para kang asong ulol na naiingayan sa kahol ng ibang aso. Nakalimutan mo tuloy ang pagkatao mo dahil asal hayop ka na sa ginagawa mo.

Arf arf…


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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