Raffy Alunan hits back at Duterte critics shamelessly rejoicing at TIME magazine’s cheap shot at PRRD, calls ’em “legendary sore losers”

Guess what? President Rodrigo Duterte has been anointed by TIME magazine as one of the world strongmen, joining the likes of Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan.

Duterte’s critics think being tagged as strongman by an international magazine is not a compliment, but an insult directed at the Philippine president.

Meanwhile, former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III couldn’t help but take a jab at people who shamelessly rejoiced in light of being named as one of the world’s strongmen by TIME magazine.

In the Facebook post, Alunan lamented that instead of thanking President Duterte for doing the dirty work in cleaning up the mess created by previous presidents, critics side with TIME magazine.

And worse, Alunan decried, critics even look for every opportunity to hit Duterte on their Facebook wall.

But this destabilization efforts by Duterte’s critics won’t work and never will because the Filipino people think Duterte is God-send, whose efforts lifted their spirits, made their lives safer on the street and in their homes.

You may read Alunan’s Facebook post below.

PRRD’s cleaning up the mess he inherited that piled up through decades of abuse and negligence. He’s rolled up his sleeves to keep things from getting worse for the country and the people.

Instead of thanking him for taking on this dirty job, some hate him for it. And they look for anything to nail him on their wall. Some are legendary sore losers, others are hurting badly because of the crackdown on drugs, crime and corruption.

Regime change tactics keep showing up on the radar. But no one’s buying after what they went through in the previous administration, living in a world of make-believe while the rest were living in the real world carrying the burden of oligarchic rule.

So, to the Filipino people, PRRD is a God-send whose efforts have lifted their spirits and made their lives safer on the streets and in their homes. They expect sustained action and continuity beyond his term.

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