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Raffy Alunan III fears we might have Vietcong’s Tet offensive in the making after the military made these discoveries in Marawi

Raffy Alunan fears we might have a Tet offensive in the making

Raffy Alunan fears we might have a Tet offensive in the making

As the government forces slowly reclaimed Philippine territory from the Maute militants in Marawi, there are several discoveries that shock the social media.

Check this out:

1. numerous tunnels connecting different areas in Marawi and deep underground bunkers. (that took time to build.)
2. supply storage in mosques. (that took time to store.)
3. huge quantity of high powered weapons and ammo. (that took time to smuggle in without detection.)
4. more than P50M in bundled cash and about P30M in checks. (from looted banks, from drug trade, from regime change pals?)

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III took to Facebook expressing his opinion of the disturbing facts uncovered in the Marawi conflict.

Clearly, this was a failure of governance and intelligence (military and police) at the barangay, municipality, city, provincial and regional level. Failure of the Peace and Order Councils. Also, a failure of citizenship. No one spotted? No one reported? No one verified or corroborated? No one? Not a single soul saw, heard, think something was wrong and spoke out?

Alunan described his feelings toward the unsettling discoveries in bold and vivid terms.

Unbelievable! Lahat zombies? The consequences of negligence, apathy and treachery are clear for all to see – the destruction of Marawi and misery of the people. Are there more Marawis out there waiting to gush out in blood? Parang Resorts World tragedy – failure of preparedness resulting in multiple failures of security, safety, communication, coordination and collaboration. It took 7 HOURS to secure the facility and neutralize 1 man? Absurd!

Alunan offers advice to the LGUS in other part of the Philippines in light of these startling discoveries.

LGUs and the national security community should spring to action and identify all the areas in their localities that have caves, tunnels and potential underground bunkers to hide. Who knows what they’ll discover as they undertake thorough ocular inspections of such places.

Alunan reminded the LGU’s of the Vietnam war that took the American by surprise.

Remember the Tet Offensive and similar events in military history, when the enemy sprung surprises in multiple locations in strength. But come to think of it, never mind the surprises in strength. All we have to do is look at Luneta and Resorts World – look at the confusion, havoc, deaths and embarrassment caused by ONE deranged man because of unpreparedness!

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