Raffy Tulfo is like a tough boy who messed with the Hornets’ nest. — DDS Jun Abines


Jun Abines is a brilliant political analyst whose articles has been widely read on Facebook because he speaks his truth without fear no matter who gets hurt.

In his latest FB article, Abines talked how the very popular multimedia personality Raffy Tulfo ended up losing a sizeable number of YouTube subscribers after bragging on his show ABS-CBN will be back in 10 months time.

On Facebook, Abines wrote:

Raffy Tulfo lost at least 400k subscribers in Youtube in just 2 days. He awakened the wrath of DDS when he made a promise that ABS-CBN will be opened in the next 10 months.

Abines said Tulfo earned the wrath of Duterte’s 16 million voters further by predicting a clash with his 42-something millions subscribers and after the dust of war settles down, ABS-CBN will rise from the ashes.

He made it worse when he added “Magbabangaan ang 16 Million vs 42 Million” which many interpreted as 16 Million DDS vs 42 Million subscribers of his program of Raffy Tulfo In Action.

Abines conceded that Raffy Tulfo is indeed a force to reckon with in the Philippine social media landscape but one reckless statement, he was trembling like a child when a ‘force’ whose power greater than his hit him out of nowhere.

Raffy Tulfo was clueless what kind of monster he offended with his reckless statement. He did not expect that a ‘force’ with the power to shake his knees and made him tremble like a child does exist. He was sure he’s one of the toughest guy in the country and that no one can bully him in any kind of fight or confrontation. He was after all THE Raffy Tulfo!

Then came the angry army of DDS! Abines announced.

Abines went on to make a graphical description when the insulted and offended Duterte supporters launched an offensive against Raffy Tulfo.

Insulted and offended, they attacked the way Raffy Tulfo have not seen before. They were like raging 100-footer tsunami coming in succession. Like Typhoon Yolanda ready to destroy anything on its path. Like volcano mount Pinatubo exploding after hundred years of being dormant.

Abines conceded that Raffy Tulfo may have survived the DDS attack but by the looks of it, Abines concluded Tulfo was a picture of a defeated man.

Raffy Tulfo may have survived. But looking at his video when he called the DDS as “Bangaw na nakatuntong sa kalabaw”, he looked defeated and about to break.

But like any warrior who was hurt in the battle, Abines said Raffy Tulfo switched on his survival mode by making a forced statement of appeasement with matching “smiling face”.

To stop the bleeding of his precious subscribers, Raffy was forced to make a statement wearing a “smiling face” to appease the raging DDS. It was a wise move of survival.

Abines reckoned that Raffy Tulfo has learn a precious life lesson – never belittle and pick a fight with the DDS.

Only Raffy Tulfo can truly tell what really happened. But for sure, he got some lessons he will never forget in his lifetime: Never ever belittle and pick a fight with the DDS.

Raffy Tulfo is like a tough boy who messed with the Hornets’ nest. He will never ever do it again, promise, Abines concluded.


Source: Jun Abines

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