Random kind lady invited 2 street kids to dine with her in a hotel in Manila!

Watching the news on TV or reading all the issues in the social media can be depressing at times and if you are the kind of person that is easily affected by all of these, it could really, really drag you down.

But don’t you worry! I have an antidote for moments like this.

Allow me to share a random act of kindness thing posted by a netizen after witnessing it personally while he was in Intramuros, Manila to do a photo shoot with a friend last Sunday. By afternoon, it was raining hard so they decided to pack up and look for a shade to wait out the thunderstorm.

In short, they ended up at the entrance of the Bay Leaf Hotel since they reckoned it would give them enough cover from the rain.

Before long, they saw two street kids begging for alms which can be seen in the picture below. The guard quickly approached the two kids and the lady to intervene, but the lady quickly dismissed the guard by telling him, “It’s okay, I got them!” Hearing this, the guard quickly returns to his business of the day. The two kids and the lady proceeded to Cioccolate Cafe and gave the street kids a “TREAT” of a lifetime that surely will be retold to their kids once they have their own family in the future.


Have you had any random act of kindness like this and gave street kids a treat? Share your story by commenting on our Facebook Page.

Credits to Brent Ignacio of admiral Photography

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