Rappler survey: If this is an indication of how the women will vote in 2016, Mayor Duterte’s victory is imminent

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s detractors are having a field day in the social media posting memes in an attempt to diminish the appeal of the former to the netizens who are potential voters in the 2016 Presidential election.

Rappler survey on Duterte supporters

Screen grab of Rappler’s video

But wait! Looks like the anti-Duterte trolls on Facebook are waging an unwinnable war, IF the Rappler survey conducted very recently among women voters is an indicator.

Rappler asked a few women supporters of Duterte why they support the former despite all the issues being thrown at him and their answers should make his rivals for the Presidency shaking their heads in frustration.

The first question was related to Duterte’s penchant for women, which the Mayor has already said over and over again to the public. This issue is being used against Duterte by his critics.

“How do you feel about Mayor Duterte’s womanizing?”

One woman offered to answer and said, “It’s up to the woman if they will succumb to his advances. If they do, they are the one to blame, and not mayor Duterte.” She continued, “I think Mayor Duterte is choosy too about whom to date, correct?”

A female college student said, “I am actually glad that he owned up to it. Other politicians have many mistresses, but they continue to act like they are loyal to their wives.” Anyway, she continued, “There are only a few men who remain loyal to their partners.”

Another Duterte supporter said, “It’s natural because he is a man.” When asked by the Rappler reporter if she is not offended because she is a woman? The woman replied, “No, I am not. Because I can see his leadership is effective.”

The second question asked was, “What do you think about the arbitrary killings allegedly committed by Mayor Duterte?”

Rebecca del Carmen, a Duterte staunch supporter said, “Duterte only kills the bad people – rapist, the corrupt. he might kill people but it is for justice.”

Ade dela Cruz, another Duterte supported chimed in and said, “Duterte doesn’t say he kills innocent people.” She added, “That is why there are many crimes because criminals are backed by the human rights lawyers.”

Another woman supporter of Duterte, Rose Mallari offered her opinion of the extra-judicial killings issue and said, “Mayor Duterte knows the law and he knows how to govern. Duterte resolve problems like graft and corruption.”

Please watch the video below now:

Do you agree with the women in the video?

Source: Rappler

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