Rappler’s controversial caricature of Mocha Uson, Cayetano as dogs stirs controversy online

Earlier today, Sunday, January 29, 2017, Rappler posted a caricature of Mocha Uson, SOJ Aguirre and Senator Cayetano as dogs.

Rappler captioned the caricatures of Mocha Uson et al with this:

Those born on the Year of the Dog are said to be faithful and loyal. They’re also intenseful defensive with friends and family.

Says a lot about Dogs Mocha, Justice Vitaliano Aguirre and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.

Rappler’s depiction of Mocha Uson et. al left a bad taste in the netizen’s mouth, angering ordinary and popular social media personalities alike who wasted no seconds in condemning Rappler.

Popular social media personality and political analyst Antonio Contreras led the charge in denouncing Rappler’s  below the belt attack against popular Duterte allies.

No decent publication claiming to be a legitimate source of news run by people claiming to be veteran journalists would dare put up something like this.

Maybe it is true that Rappler has been turned into a trolling center. For there is nothing more appropriate to describe it with this post.

Facebook user Chito heckled Rappler for the tasteless post and masterfully use Rappler’s analogy in launching his rebuttal.

Facebook user Bryan Ng Co takes the cue from Chito and took a swipe at Robredo.

“Rappler spews hatred. They’re vermin and are disgusting!” Joy Jimenez wrote.

Facebook user Jenny Decena described this as an act of desperation on Rappler’s part.

Meanwhile, Rappler deleted the foul photo after realizing their error and issued a short message asking for apology from the public that reads:

We apologize for a Chinese New Year image that was not approved for posting.


In the wake of Rappler’s retraction and issuing an apology on social media, emotions continue to run high in the social media.

“Is that how their social media people work?Approved or not, the fact that your staff do that rubbish, that reflects how your environment is affecting your people,” Nympha Leigh Jacob wrote on Facebook to express her take on Rappler’s faux pas.

“You may not have been born on the year of the dog but you are more like one than them. They were born that way, if we follow your logic; what about you? How have you become like them? Were you hired? Paid?” an irate Edna Bing Carvajal asked.

“Rappler is part of the “smirking” class. What can we expect from people who think they are above everybody and can do whatever they want. Pathetic,” RV Fortez remarked.

Your thoughts on this?

Source: Antonio Contreras


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