Rappler’s Pia Ranada attempted to put Duterte in a tight spot in ambush interview but PRDD’s answer burns Pia alive

On July 1, Pres. Duterte marks his first year in office and mainstream media have been busy making an assessment of his performance.

Pia Ranada of the news website Rappler attempted to put PRRD in an tight spot by asking him to rate his first year in office.

The quick thinking Duterte saw what was coming so he sidestepped the question with ease while putting chilis in the Rappler reporter’s behind, burning her as$ as a result.

Here’s how the interview panned out.

Pia Ranada to PRRD: Sir, how would you assess your first tear in power? Kasi Sir first year na po.

To which PRRD replied: Bagay ka sa ano mo, (pointing to Pia Ranada’s eyewear)Wala po. I don’t make any assessment. I only make asssessment after my term. Kasi I going, kasi it’s a roller coaster actually. When you are there in a roller coster, so its should be at the end of the ride. That will be, If should get to live, then I’ll tell you. if I don’t exist anymore by that time, you make your own assessment. Just be fair



Posted by ChriStevens on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Let us read the comments in the thread to get the sentiment of the netizens who’ve watch the video.

Cecilia R Reduta wrote: “Yan yun…IN YOUR FACE!!!! Tablan ka na Siraulong reporter”

Ramir Goc-ong commented: “Sagad hangang boto….Eto ang lider prankahan na at walang plastikan.”

Dia Gross Edita said: “This Pia robles is very ungrateful to the President. She had an accident in Davao.city that day of election counting. The President brought her to the hospital to see to it.that she will be well attended there . But.this doesnt bother her and she keeps writing wrong things to damage the name of the.President. Such.biased Rappler reporter should be filed a case.”

Hebtnicain Solveac wrote: “What a kapal nang MUKHA pia .hindi ka nahihya? ..our President duterte is very smart not like you…di nga nga ka”

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