Rappler’s Pia Ranada tried to stir controversy over Palace decision to lift 7-year-police not stamp PH visa on Chinese passports but failed!

Lately, the Duterte admin has been heavily criticized for allowing for ending the 7-year policy of the Philippine government not to stamp Philippine visas on Chinese passports in protest of the image of the 9-dash Line featured on their pages. [Link here]

Secretary Locsin of the Foreign Affairs made the recommendation during the Cabinet meeting to stamp Philippine visa on passports of Chinese nationals who wish to enter the country instead of the practice of “placing it on a piece of paper”.

Rappler reporter Pia Ranada dropped the link on Twitter of the Rappler article talking about that development.

Of course, DFA Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin quickly replied to Ranada’s tweet defending the Palace decision. Locsin clarified stamping of PH visa on Chinese passports makes more sense, allowing the government to keep track of Chinese nationals entering via visa from our consulates in China or visas upon arrival. Stamping on slips of paper no one could keep track of is bad practice.

DDS lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles explained the Palace order re PH visa stamping on Chinese passports in Tagalog for wider reach and avoid misunderstanding.

Of course, Angeles did not pass up the opportunity to take a jab at the previous admin who made the dumb decision of stamping PH visa on a piece of paper with high chance of getting lost, deliberately or otherwise.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles full FB post below now.

May pahiwatig si Sec. Teddyboy. Ang mga loose paper visas na ito ay madali mawala and difficult to keep track of kung ito nga ay mamisplace (deliberately or not). Kasi nganaman attached lang sa passport.

At dahil maaaring mawala, hndi alam ng immigration officer kung valid pa ang visa bago umalis yung dayuhan. Maraming hndi nagrerenew dahil, paano nga naman malaman yng length of stay ng wala ito?

Ang brayt talaga ng nakaraang administrasyon, brayt at malamang sa hindi, corrupt. Grabe ang mga pwedeng ipalusot, eh.

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