Read: Netizen’s insight of the unlikely & improbable landslide victory Duterte. Interesting read!

The election is done and over with and would be political analysts are mushrooming by the minute on social media. But here’s one netizen who gets my attention when he posted a comment containing his insight of the Duterte victory.

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So how did Duterte achieve the unlikely & improbable victory in the midst of the formidable forces that conspired to deny him of his fate with destiny?

According to Charles Vincent Ho, our political analyst for the day, Duterte’s victory can be attributed to many factors that worked together to make things happen despite the formidable forces that conspired to stop the Duterte juggernaut.

In summary, the election, he said, was never about Duterte per se, but between the established “elites” versus the angry and dissatisfied Filipinos from all walks of life, not exclusively the poor Filipinos but from all sectors of our society.

In short, the angry and dissatisfied Filipinos found something special about Mayor Duterte so they begged, pushed and campaigned on behalf of Duterte to ensure his landslide victory.

You may read his brilliant commentary below:

The full force of the CBCP hierarchy, the wide and far reaching attacks of ABS-CBN, Inquirer and the rest of the Philippine media plus the lie campaign of Trillanes covertly supported by PNoy and Mar Roxas.

All these forces were up against a man whose only weapon is his track record, competence and truthfulness.

Little did these black forces know that Duterte didn’t have to do anything to prove himself against his detractors because the real battle was never between them and Duterte.

The battle was fiercely fought and won by the supporters of Duterte himself. It wasn’t a fight against one man. It was a fight between the establishment elite vs the angry and dissatisfied Filipino people.

It’s we the people that prayed, begged and pushed Duterte to run so we feel part of his mission and therefore we have to fight his battle from the get go and not just him.

We come from every corner of this archipelago. Check out the videos of every rally where Duterte went. The media ignored them. Avoided showing them like a plague, but the truth has a funny way of revealing itself. Thanks to Social Media, the people know more than being misled.

This campaign was financed by the Emilio Aguinaldos, the masses. We come from A,B,C,D to E. It’s not money that we spent that made the sacrifice worth it. It’s believing that we can do better than accepting bribe money inserted in brown envelopes. We showed that our votes are no longer for sale because we value our future and those of our children. They’re definitely worth more than P500. In this battle the five pesos of Emilio Aguinaldo trumped the forces of the vote-buying machinery of the Liberal Party.

This victory of Mayor Duterte is sweet as sweet can be plus more. Cheers to all.

A great day has come.