Read: Open letter demands Ombudsman Morales’ resignation in wake of probe on Gen. Bato’s Vegas trip

Politicians wouldn’t be as cruel, rude and corrupt if you have done your job and not sell out.

This is the general sentiment of the open letter circulating on Facebook today addressed to Ombudsman Conchita Morales in the wake of the Gen. Bato probe spearheaded by the Office of the Ombudsman.

The author  began with a question addressed to the Ombudsman to set the tone of the open letter.

If you can investigate BATO, whats stopping you from investigating DAP? Don’t insult us, and rob us at the same time.

The letter continued with a powerful indictment against Ombudsman Morales and quote, “He who protects crooks, is a crook himself.”

In frustration, the letter imputed double standard on the part of the Ombudsman…

Ang daming kasong nakatambak sa inyo, bakit ito inuna nyo?

Are you working for PNOY, ABAD, DE LIMA? Aren’t you by affinity related to the President who serves no one but God and the people.

The open letter also reminded the Ombudsman to maintain impartiality in the fulfillment of its duties.

Di po ba dapat sa tao at batas ang inyo pong katapatan? Can’t you just show a sense of fairness? To be true to your constitutional duty to investigate and file charges against the biggest corruption case we’ve seen in recent Philippine history – DAP and the Pork Barrel system.

Otherwise, do the most honorable thing to do – resign!

Kung di nyo po kaya ang trabaho, iwan nyi na po, at hahanap kami ng may kaya.

The open letter alleged Ombudsman Morales is sitting on DAP cases and to deflect the attention of the public away from DAP, pounces on Gen. Bato, who is leading the charge against war on drugs, to entertain the public.

She is sitting on the DAP and Pork barrel cases and using BATO, our lead man in the fight against drugs as her victim.

The open letter accused Ombudsman Morales as PNOY’s protector  and the Liberal Party.

Ombudsman Morales is working for PNOY and the LP. She runs her agency unchecked and accounts to no one. Thus, abuses her power and sells out the filipinos to her benefactors.

She is a yellow army protector. The biggest stumbling block to justice. My case with her to investigate DAP has been pending since 2014. She has down played it and has no plans of truly investigating it.

The open letter also accused Ombudsman Morales of being ‘fake.’

The strict and stiff posture is not true. We’ve volunteered to help them in fact finding and case build up. She played with our hope and gave us the run around.

The open letter asked Ombudsman Morales why single out Gen. Bato when he did not stole the people’s money while leaving those who stole DAP money and Yolanda funds go scot-free?

Why investigate BATO for a free trip? When BILLIONS of pesos we’re malversed, used as Bribe, and stolen from DAP, PDAF and Yolanda funds?

The open letter slammed the judges who are coddling the criminals and plays politics and abandon their duty in the name of power and ambition.

Shame on those who perverts justice and abuse power. For judges who plays politics and protects criminals. You are showing no love for country and will rot on your ambitions of power. You all should and retire!

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Source: VoVph


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