Read: Paula Knack shares legal opinion of Constitutional experts on legality of Duterte’s Martial Law in Mindanao

While the so-called legal experts question the legality of the declaration of Martial Law on social media, constitutional experts think otherwise.

International legal expert Atty. Paula Defensor Knack shared on social media the legal opinion of real BRILLIANT LEGAL MINDS in an attempt to silence the few but noisy individuals on social media who are challenging the legality of the imposition of Martial Law in Mindanao.

Atty. Knack are all praises for Constitutional Law expert Justice VV Mendoza and former Solicitor General Estelito Mendoza whom she described as two of the most eminent living Constitutional Law experts in the country.

She said the two have long work experience in government and their knowledge of the law are beyond question.

Moving forward, let us read what Constitutional Law expert Justice Vicente V. Mendoza has to say on Duterte’s Martial Law declaration in Mindanao.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to impose Martial Law in the entire Mindanao was “justified and needed” following hostilities between government forces and the local terrorist Maute group in Marawi City.

He added, “Based on what I have heard, there is a rebellion over there in Marawi and that public safety really requires the declaration of Martial law. If the President’s judgment is not correct or not in declaring Martial Law, it’s not for me or anyone to decide. That is the prerogative of the President.”

Meanwhile, former dean of the College of Law of the University of the Philippines Pacifico Agabin said that the government could restrict the people’s right to travel and the freedom of assembly while Martial Law is in effect.

Credits to Paula Defensor Knack

Credits to Paula Defensor Knack

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Sources: PDI Paula Knack

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