‘Really?’ — Lady lawyer raises eyebrows on Enzo Manzano’s “Filipinos can’t protest” claim

While the critics of President Duterte has been heaping praises on Edu Manzano’s son on socmed for protesting by his lonesome vs the Duterte administration, the supporters of the President did not take it in stride.

The FB page “Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan”, a pro-Duterte page run by lawyers Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan minces no words in defanging the allegation of Edu Manzano’s son in its latest FB post.

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles described Enzo Manzano’s act “short cut.” Whatever that means, we will know it later.

Atty. Angeles sounded dismissive of Manzano’s allegations against the Duterte administration. ‘This is yet another example of sweeping generalizations based on pure emotion and miniscule facts (if any).’

Atty. Angeles particularly zeroed in on a particular phrase embedded in Mr. Enzo Manzano’s placard. ‘Mr. Manzano here says “Filipinos ‘can’t’ protest”.’

By the tone of her voice, Atty. Angeles was laughing her ass off while contemplating at the contradictory statement of Mr. Enzo Manzano. She reckoned if Mr. Enzo Manzano’s “Filipinos can’t protest” claim was true, how would they call the series of rallies his allies back home staged against the Duterte administration on many issues like the anti-terrorism bill and turning the EDSA celebration into a groundswell of support that peters out before gaining traction?

‘Really? Didn’t they just have a small rally in UP over the Anti Terrorism Bill? Didn’t they attempt sooooo many times to turn the EDSA celebration into a groundswell of supot… er.. sorry, SUPPORT”? Aren’t they constantly on social media protesting everything from “rape culture” to their own media failing to communicate?’

Atty. Trixie also noted the allegation of Mr. Enzo Manzano which is, Duterte government is taking away the “basic rights” of Filipinos.

‘He also goes on to say that the government is taking away his people’s “basic rights”.

Atty. Angeles remarked that Mr. Manzano failed to elaborate on his allegation re basic rights of Filipinos were taken away. Besides, that may require actual arguments and action said Atty. Trixie Angeles. By the way, she left a hint that Mr. Enzo Manzano and the likes of him to work on, if they are indeed serious in taking their qualms against Duterte administration to court.

Of course, given the limited space on his placard, he doesn’t mention what rights, how and when they are being taken away. Besides, that may require actual arguments and action. You know, like taking the matter to court and questioning such appalling actions from the government. Again, IF ANY.’

Atty. Trixie ended the FB post with some of words of consolation to Mr. Enzo Manzano, albeit, in a sarcastic tone.

‘But yeah, by all means, exercise your lungs and freedom of speech and all that. Just don’t demand that you have an audience. Or sympathy.’

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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