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Recipient of Duterte’s benevolence speaks up, hoping to give back to the kind-hearted Mayor

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is indeed an anomaly in Philippine politics! While his peers would love to hang a tarpaulin announcing a new waiting shed or basketball court under their name, the Mayor of Davao City is notorious for being publicity shy.

Let me share with you a video of Mayor Duterte’s style of helping people without trying to win ‘POGI’ points to support my assertion.

But there are countless stories about the Mayor of Davao City just waiting to be shared. In fact, his exploits in Davao which many people got wind of, turned many people into believers of the man, that he could do something to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

The Duterte believers could partly or wholly credited for convincing Mayor Duterte to change his mind and run for the highest position in the country.

Here is a heartwarming story shared by Rowee Santos Delgado on October 2015, weeks before Mayor Duterte caved in to the people’s clamor after months of courtship. Hopefully, her story will in a way convince many more people to give Mayor Duterte a chance to serve the country and do something about the ills of our society like drugs, corruption and joblessness. Please read the letter below in full.

Rowee Santos Delgado with Mayor Duterte

Throwback 2006. I remember the time when I had been accepted to represent the country in an international community development training hosted by the SIDA Swedish International Development Authority. Having insufficient funds then I was compelled to request the City Mayor to help pay half the cost of my plane ticket to Costa Rica – half was to be paid by SIDA. I had no choice but to gather every bit of strength I have so I can approach him at one of his consultation sessions.

It was a Queen Esther moment for me. Alas, he did not disappoint. He quietly instructed his staff to give me US$1K to cover the amount I needed so I can attend the training. It wasn’t just me though, as he granted assistance to almost everyone seeking for help in that session hall (for medicine, legal aid, jobs, etc). He even gave one taxi driver a laptop as a reward for having returned cash left by one of his passengers. How unlikely it is for one referred to as a man of ‘terror’; and known as the ‘iron fist’ of Asia to be concerned at everyone’s issues – big or small.

Now, I can’t help but smile as I read in the news about the clamour of thousands (or millions?) of people for the Mayor to file his candidacy as President. The highest position of the land does not appeal to his humble persona. But with the last 2 days remaining, the waiting has been more intense than ever. ‪#‎Duterte2016‬.
Prayers for the upcoming Ph elections.

How about you? Do you have a #MyDuterteStory to tell? Please share it with the readers.

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