Remember the woman who speaks against martial law abuses? Aside from sharing a photo with Korina, netizens bare more about her!

Remember the woman who speak in Congress accusing martial law abuses in Marawi? She has a photo with Korina Sanchez circulating online lately.

According to the spy of the OP, Samira Gutoc Tomawis is a long time friend of Korina Sanchez.

Credits photo to owner

However, Samira’s relative said that photo was taken during a wedding.

Sittie Nor Tomawis responded to a certain Ginny Te under post of Samira: “Guro Ginny Te ikaw magkano ka?? isip isip lang pag nagpopost hndi mo ba nakikita na kasal yan? normal lahat ng tao jan nagpapicture kay korina wag makitid ang utak..”

The OP claimed that Samira is a relative of the former Mayor of Marawi, Fahad Pre Salic and Solitario Ali.

Another commenter said Samira is a Assemblywoman of ARMM under the party of the ARMM Governor. You may connect the dots why she is speaking up against Duterte’s Martial Law.

Check Samira’s latest FB post.

You may read the post of Juan Miguel M. Suarez III below now.


WHAT: HEAR MARAWI CAMPAIGN, I call it “#HearMarawi-Mission-go-viral” lol 😂

Our Mission is to speak out about the siege (narratives, experiences, feelings, losses, etc.) in our social media account (fb, insta, twitter, whatever) with the hashtag # HearMarawi and make it VIRALLLLL.



WHY: The siege has been going on for 2 months now and so is the Martial law. The way the maranaos are acting now, it makes the siege look like as if it does not affect them anymore and that its a normal thing–just another terrorist attack. As young moros, it is our responsibility to speak out. It’s our role to show that we may be laughing and giggling in the streets but in our hearts we are weeping and longing to go back to our Marawi.

According to ate Ace Guro (2017), “It’s the least we can do… to make sure that our stories do not go down in history as just another terrorist attack. So, let’s exploit the power of social media. 🙂”

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( txt yan ng babaeng naka Blue kombong sa likod ni Korina. Her name is Atty. Aleah Marabur.. Close relative cla ex mayor fahad pre salic at solitario ali.

sino uli si mayor fahad salic? bakit sya nadakip? anong natagpuan sa bahay nya?

ano ang connection ng mga nasa litrato sa kanya?

please share.

at nang mapanis uli ang plano nila.

ulitin natin ang ginawa natin sa mga dilawan na yan tuwing may binabalak silang pakulo at ng matigil na kabangawan nila sa mamamayan.

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