Renato Reyes claims receiving death threat because of statements he made re Marcos Jr. Singapore trip

Bayan’s Renato Reyes has taken to Twitter to announce getting death threat because of his statements regarding Marcos Jr.’s Singapore trip.

The sender warned he is next after Percy Lapid, another Marcos critic.

According to the activist leader, he has the impression mastermind death threat sender really, really knows the modus from a mentor.

Renato Reyes’ followers jumped in to tell him to be extra careful.

While some netizens told him to report the matter to the police, otherwise, he can be accused of conniving with a colleague.

This netizen asks who is Renato Reyes anyway that somebody will waste his time on him.

Another netizen asked Renato Reyes if he agrees with him that reporting the matter to the police is the right thing to do for quick action?


Source: Twitter

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