Renato Reyes strikes back at DDS trolls who ridiculed him after his stolen photo shopping at S&R goes viral

Activist leader Renato Reyes in apparent retaliation, belittles DDS trolls who made fun of him after stolen photo taken at S & R goes viral.

Credits to photo owner.

Reyes said that he could have ignored the online bashing triggered by the viral photo because the photo was blurred, shows only his back and secretly taken by the stalker.

He said he does not mind the insults towards his person and ugly face because these are things beyond his control.

Reyes remarked that people spreading stupidity, judging people based on the picture, wrong context, baseless and no personal knowledge, judging people based on narrow-mindedness, spreading hate because of shallow understanding and personal bias, twisting the truth, intentionally muddling issues to shift public attention away from important national issues, these are the people he cannot ignore.

Reyes said the intent of trolls and their kinds is to: dumb down public discourse, trivialize the issue, attack and destroy the reputation of people while defending the current administration.

Reyes alleged that trolls have aversion to critical thinking or those seeking deeper knowledge; trolls hates people who ask or those who asks the hard questions.

Reyes remarked that trolls wants the public to remain uneducated.

He said trolls resort to character assassination because that’s the only thing they are capable of.

He claimed he enjoys trolls attacking him because he sees it as an opportunity to educate them – not about him but his advocacies.

When Reyes found out he lingered longer than necessary, he said that’s because there are issues that he wants to know, not just shallow things.

He thanked the readers, followers and defenders – including classmates and friends, colleagues and his family who really know them.

Reyes said he welcomes DDS folks who argue based on research and facts. He said he finds it hard to deal with DDS supporters who resort to twsited argumenst, false reasoning and non-sequiturs. He especially hates trolls dictating his personal business based on their personal standards, narrow logic and outlook in life.

Reyes ended the post by tipping DDS and stalkers his schedule later in when he was writing the post.

“So… sa mga DDS na makukulit at stalker, heto po ang tip. Nasa Fishermall po ako mamaya para mag-grocery. You will find me at the Fish Section. Happy weekend. =)”

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