Ret. General talks about Senator Bato’s sneak attack, how Sara will tip scale in presidential race & BBM-Go tandem

BATO’s Sneak Attack. This is how retired Air Force Gen. Romeo Poquiz described Senator Bato dela Rosa’s last minute filing of COC for President under PDP Laban.

In the Facebook post, Gen. Poquiz said Senator Bato’s late entry in the presidential race sowed confusion among Duterte supporters and the general public.

Gen. Poquiz said Bato’s was nothing but a placeholder for Sara Duterte hatched by some members of the PDP-Laban and some Malacanang boys who wants to hold on to power by hoping to convince Sara Duterte to run as a susbstitute.

However, Gen. Poquiz believed Sara Duterte isn’t running for president or vice president, especially under PDP-Laban she openly detests.

Gen. Poquiz believed that Sara Duterte will support BBM’s candidacy by virtue of their good friendship and if she does, BBM will win.

Gen. Poquiz also believed that Sara Duterte will not support a Bato-Go tandem because she has shown repeatedly in the past her fierce independence, decisiveness and integrity in all her endeavors.

Gen. Poquiz explained Sara won’t support Leni and Isko but there is a small possibility she will support Manny and Lacson.

In the event Sara Duterte refuses to endorse any candidate, Gen. Poquiz predicted that the presidential race can be any man’s game.

Gen. Poquiz offered PDP-Laban a face-saving strategy for their amateurish move and that is to tell Bato to withdraw from the race, endorse BBM-Bong Go tandem because he called this the surefire formula to heal the nation and thereby avoid severe opposition backlash on the Duterte Administration after the elections.

This unexpected and sneaky, although comical, foray of Bato in the already messy world of Philippine presidential elections, created confusion among Duterte Diehard Supporters (DDS) and the general public.

The Bato presidential run under PDP, but him wearing a green shirt with HNP markings when he filed his candidacy, was a dead giveaway. Bato obviously filed his candidacy as a placeholder for Mayor Inday Sara. This plan, or plot rather, was hatched by the fractious PDP-Laban and some Malacanang boys as the last-ditch effort to salvage whatever benefits the party can muster. Unfortunately, the plotters, who acted scared and seemed amateurish, need to be more adept in political strategy.

Inday Sara will run and win her last term as Mayor of Davao City. As I earlier posted here on FB, she will not run for President or Vice-President – more so under PDP-Laban which she openly detests. She earlier stated in very strong terms, in a scornful way in fact, for the PDP-Laban to leave her alone, let her decide on her own politics, and for PDP not to involve her in its scheming ways and scenarios.

What then, Bato dela Rosa/Bong Go tandem?

As I earlier stated in my previous posts, both presidential and vice-presidential candidates coming from the same place – Davao City, that is, despite the Duterte factor, is a surefire disaster.

Both Bato and Bong coming from Davao City smack of exclusivity, high-handedness, and greediness. It will be viewed even by the DDS as something awful, repulsive, and sinister. With voters very active in social media where they can influence their family and relatives outside of social media, the Bato/Bong tandem may win in Mindanao, but not in the Visayas, and especially in Luzon.

Will Inday Sara support her Davao-mates Bato and Bong? A BIG NO. She consistently showed her fierce independence, decisiveness, and integrity in all her endeavors, which unfortunately cannot be entirely said of his father.

Who will Inday support then? She may support Leni to further spite the PDP, but this is a long shot. She cannot support Isko because of his communist alliance.

It is possible she supports Ping who has integrity, or her Mindanao-mate Manny who has the heart.

My best bet? Inday will support BongBong Marcos. They are good friends, have high respect for each other, and both espouse similar principles and advocacies.

BOTTOMLINE: One thing is certain. Whoever Inday supports in the presidential elections WINS.

What if Inday will not support anybody? Bongbong Marcos will win by a slim margin, or the Opposition may WIN by a slim margin, but by a wide margin if Isko or Manny join forces.

What will happen to Bato and Bong? They will lose face initially, but they will go back to their seats as Senators for 3 more years. They, unfortunately, will spend all their time in the Senate defending the Duterte Administration from an intense Opposition backlash who will then be the Administration after the elections.

PDP-Laban’s best bet? Bato to withdraw as a presidential candidate, and adopt Bongbong as the presidential candidate, in tandem with Bong Go. A Bongbong Bong. This is the surefire formula to heal the nation and thereby avoid severe opposition backlash on the Duterte Administration after the elections.


Source: Romeo V. Poquiz

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