Ret. General to the AFP, PNP: “We have to make these politicians & anti-gov’t forces understand that Gen Parlade is not alone”

A certain netizen named Gil Ramos reposted the message of Gen. Arthur Tabaquero, urging the AFP, PNP and all the Armed Forces Services to show their support to the NTF-ELCAC Spox.

But before he proceeded to share the message of support from Gen. Tabaquero, Ramos offered his own message to the Filipino people asking them to support our soldiers and why.

“The Filipino People should rally behind our Soldiers.”

“The IDIOCY of most of our CIVILIAN ‘elected through cheating’ PALADINS are now exposed for all to see.”

Below is the brief message of Gen. Tabaquero as reposted by Gil Ramos:


He is our point person in the current fight against the enemies of the state. We cannot just sit idle while SOME POLITICIANS AND OTHER ANTI-GOVT FORCES are throwing everything including the kitchen sink to oust Gen Parlade.

We’ve shed blood, sweat & tears and made sacrifices in a similar fight during our times. We are the only ones who can fully understand his situation because he is one of us too. We have to make these politicians and anti-government forces understand that Gen Parlade is not alone.

We are the band of brothers and we will always be counted!”

*** end of Gen Tabaquero’s post ****

Ramos delivered a brief speech, sort of, addressed to the senators reminding them not to ignore the officers and gentlemen in the AFP who are losing their patience with the shit they are discharging. He said that members of the AFP are aware that their elective mandates are dubious given the allegation of massive cheating in 2016 and 2019 election. The theory of civilian supremacy over military authority is sustainable only with honest and genuine electoral mandates, Ramos added.

“HONOTERRIBLE SENATORS, take note that there are more of them, officers and gentlemen, who are losing patience with all the shit you are spewing. And they are aware that your ‘elective mandates’ are most dubious given the widespread and massive digital cheating that happened in the 2016 and 2019 elections. Civilian Supremacy over Military Authority can only be sustained with honest and genuine electoral mandates. The Senate and the House should get busy cleaning up the STINKING COMELEC AGEAN STABLES if you want to recover some respect and not nitpick on MILITARY LEADERS who are just doing their jobs and whose respect for you civilian tribunes are now tenuous at best.”

Source: Gil Ramos

The Filipino People should rally behind our Soldiers. The IDIOCY of most of our CIVILIAN 'elected through cheating'…

Posted by Gil Ramos on Tuesday, April 27, 2021


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