Retired AFP General offers theory how political maneuverings directed by President Duterte will play out to reach ultimate goal – FEDERALISM

Many BBM supporters who are also Duterte supporters (DDS) are still in a state of confusion after the series of political maneuverings, especially on the side of the administration and the BBM camp during the last day of the substitution of candidates.

Watching Sara Duterte sliding down to VP to form a tandem with BBM despite leading the presidential surveys consistently for months left the DDS left many of her staunchest allies in pain who were hoping until the last minute Sara Duterte will change her mind about not running for President.

To avoid a showdown with Sara Duterte in the race for VP, Senator Bong Go withdrew his candidacy for VP the day before the last day of the substitution of candidates and then in a stunning turn of events seen only on TV dramas, Go filed his candidacy for President. He was accompanied by no less than President Duterte to the Comelec. General Bato also withdrew from Presidential race to give way to Go.

PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar faced the reporters and hinted PRRD will file his candidacy for VP the following day to tandem with Go.

On November 15, PPRD sent a proxy to file his COC for senator to the relief of the Duterte and the BBM supporters who were fearing a clash of the Dutertes for the VP race, thus potentially splitting the votes between them.

At the last minute, Gen. Parlade caught a some of the Duterte supporters who were hoping for him to make a senate run but in another twist of events, filed his COC for President.

The political show put up by President Duterte and his boys left everyone, including the Opposition dizzy, confused and stunned.

If you are Duterte supporter or a Marcos supporter, this retired AFP General, Orlando de Leon of the PH Marines, has put forward his own theory to explain and to assure that everything will be alright because the ultimate plan of President Duterte is just being set in motion. Continue reading below for his explanation.

What we see in the current political maneuvers is the accomplishment of both tactical and operational objectives. It is to prepare the ground, soften it in order to get to the strategic objective. And what is that? FEDERALISM. Here is how it will play out:

1. Gain control of the Executive department and both houses of Congress. BBM as president, Digong as Senate president and GMA as Speaker of the House.

2. What are the roles of Bong Go and Parlade? Answer: To draw flak away from the principal BBM, in the case of Bong Go and to throw flak on the other principal candidates, in the case of Parlade. Both, however, cover a long shot possibility of BBM being disqualified. All bases are covered.

3. What’s the role of Sara in the scheme of things? Answer: Sara, as I said previously, is the Damocles sword that will keep everypne in line. If all fails, Sara will pick the pieces after 6 years.

4. What happens to the political parties in a federal form? Answer: a) I see Lakas-CMD as one dominant, b) a new party will emerge led by Digong or Sara. The name of which I do not know but it will come from the current alliances, c) PDP-Laban is dead. They did not deliver on Digongs promise and that party is a snake pit.

5. Why did Sara settle for VP? Answer: She doesn’t need to be #1 to project and wield power. But she would definitely extend that six years after and beyond.


Source: Orlando de Leon

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