Retired Air Force General on Bong Go-DU30 tandem being floated around: “Another lesson in strategy and tactics from Tatay Digong”

“GO NO GO for GO-DUTERTE” This is the reaction of retired AFP General Romeo V. Poquiz on news report PDP – Laban is fielding SGB-DU30 tandem in 2022 presidential election.

Gen. Poquiz called the Go-Duterte narrative a farce, a diversionary ploy to shied Inday Sara from the expected barrage of propaganda from the opposing camp, which might weaken her resolve to make a run for the Presidency. The retired General also said it also achieved another goal which has something to do with Pacquaio.

“The Go-Duterte narrative of PDP-LABAN is a farce. It is just a diversionary tactic to isolate Inday Sara from the expected barrage of coordinated attacks this early from the opposing forces, which may discourage her from running. It is also a pre-emptive strike to prevent Pacquiao from using PDP-Laban in his own run for the presidency.”

Gen. Poquiz borrowed a military term to describe the attack of plan of Inday Sara Duterte and the SBG-DU30 tandem being floated around will pave the way for the real offensive, akin to what her father did back in 2015.

“The avenue of approach is now clear. Inday Sara, who only has a local political party HNP, now has a national political party in PDP-Laban to carry her through the presidency. This similar scenario happened in 2015 when then Mayor Rody, who was not from PDP-Laban, became the standard bearer of the party.”

Gen. Poquiz made a bold prediction regarding the Go-Duterte tandem that should disappoint the Opposition who would rather prefer to face the Go-DU30 tandem than the formidable Inday Sara Duterte juggernaut.

“The Go-Duterte tandem will not last beyond the deadline for the filing of actual certificates of candidacy.”

Gen. Poquiz wrapped up the FB post by acknowledging Tatay Digong’s brilliance when it comes to waging his political battles.

“Another lesson in strategy and tactics from Tatay Digong.”


Source: Romeo V. Poquiz

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