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Retired Air Force General rejects Drilon’s “Noynoy Aquino’s death can reshape 2022 race” statement

Retired Air Force Brig. General Romeo V. Poquiz has shared his two cents’ worth on Facebook regarding an inquirer headline and read: “Noynoy Aquino’s death can reshape 2022 race – Drilon.”

Poquiz remarked that necropolitics is a political reality in the Philippines and the 2 Aquino presidents are solid proofs.

“Necropolitics is very alive in the Philippines. The Liberal Party successfully installed 2 Aquino presidents in the past through expert handling of necropolitics.”

However, Poquiz have bad news for the Liberal party and that necropolitics won’t work this time around despite the recent death of another Aquino.

“This time, unfortunately, an Aquino, or any candidate of the Liberal Party for that matter, may try to run, but he/she cannot reach the doorsteps of Malacanang.”


Poquiz cited 3 main reasons to support his assertion.

  1. Covid and the restrictions on Mass gatherings
  2. Closure of ABS-CBN, which was the powerhouse media used to condition the minds of the voting public
  3. Very active netizens on social media, who counterbalance propaganda through mainstream media.

Reading the comments on the thread, it appears that some netizens agree with the retired general’s assertion.

“Indeed General… They’re trying everything they can to hopefully salvage a win for this incoming elections. They are now in cahoots with the terrorists-the “MAKABAYAN” or is it the makabayag bloc, and now, their last recourse would be to take advantage of PNOY’s death- this necropolitics that they seem to be experts of. But most of us, except the 3% fucked-up shits will never allow the LPigs to get back in power-NEVER AGAIN! NO to LPigs!” said one netizen.

“Kung si Drilon lang magsasabi ng kahit ano, meron ba maniniwala? Siguro yung mga NPA na dinedepensahan niya, as against sa NTF-ELCAC na gusto niya i-defund. Stupid!” commented another netizen.

“True ka jan General Romy…hindi na emotional ang tao…hindi na believed sa dramatic over acting and over re- acting… hindi na rin uto-uto sa edsa,” remarked this netizen.

“The yellowshits are banking on the death of Pnoy. They left him to die all alone. The narrative changed when the driver spoke the truth. Kiko changed his mind to reelection fully knowing that the incoming death will send him to the Senate again. Other re-electionists has also the same idea in mind. Bokya!!!” chimed in another.


Source: Romeo V. Poquiz

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