Retired Air Force General says it’s BBM-Sara in 2022 polls, says Bato and Go will withdraw respective candidacy

In light of Sara Duterte’s withdrawal from her re-election bid as Davao City mayor while appointing youngest brother Baste as her substitute, the supporters of the administration are having a field day speculating who will run for President and Vice President between BBM and Sara or between Sara and Bong Go.

However, if you ask retired Air Force General Romeo V. Poquiz, he will tell you it’s BBM-Sara.

Yes, you read it right.

Gen. Poquiz explained in his latest FB post why BBM-Sara tandem makes a lot of sense.

You may now read the full FB post below now.

Sara withdrew her candidacy for Davao City Mayor. This only means she will run for a national position, but only as a substitute candidate.

She did not say which position she will substitute for.

Senator? Unlikely. Little added value from being City Mayor. It is either P or VP.

Vice President? Possible.

VP of Bato? NO. Bato wants her to sub for him as President

VP of BBM? Very likely. She already earlier endorsed BBM for President. She is a straight-shooter person who values her words. Also, BBM rating is way up in the charts although the campaign has not officially started.

President? Possible.

As substitute for Bato and go head to head against the popular BBM? NO. Disaster for both camps.

As substitute for BBM with BBM sliding down to VP?

Possible, but very unlikely. BBM is already committed as President and is way up in the charts to agree to slide down as VP.

It is a BBM-SARA tandem.

Bato and Bong Go will withdraw their candidacies in order to avoid a confrontation and assure a landslide win for the administration.

One commenter agreed with the retired General’s analysis of the latest development in PH political landscape.

Latest update sir, bonggo pronouncement during inauguration of malasakit center held in antipolo city this morning that he will widraw his candidacy as vp. It means only one thing, he will be substituted by inday sara.

Absolutely Correct and I fully agree Gen Poquiz.GOGOGO APO BBM AND INDAY SARA. THE BEST TEAM EVER TO CONTINUE THE LEGACY STARTED BY PFM AND PDU30.They are all formidable figures who have strong political will to promote PEACE, UNITY, PROGRESS THAT WE BADLY NEEDED AS A PEOPLE AND AS A NATION!!!We the people will surely support your team because you are the face of the bright future for our nation. Through their combined proven leadership’s we can be assured that we have a continuity of the process of BUILD3 program started by PDU30 and PFM.God Bless APO BBM AND INDAY SARA, a dream team we can be sure we can fully trust.

I agree with the analysis. But BBM will remain as PFP candidate. Sara, being a PDP-LABAN member, can only substitute a fellow member of the party in Bong Go. PDP-LABAN has no choice but to adopt BBM as its guest candidate for P in same way PFP will adopt Sara as its guest candidate for VP.


Source: Romeo V. Poquiz

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