Retired broadcaster defends Presidential pardon of US Marine, says Cory Aquino pardoned Joma Sison too

In a Facebook post with the title, “Executive Clemency. (Pardon. Parole)” retired broadcaster Jay Sonza talked briefly about it and cited a couple of prominent cases in the past to explain that President Duterte granting absolute pardon to the US Marine is not out of the ordinary.

‘Ang pagkakaloob ng executive clemency sa isang bilanggo ay itinakda ng batas,’ Sonza wrote.

Sonza said executive clemency wasn’t done on a whim or the decision made the President alone but an obligation or a responsibility.

‘hindi ito kapritso o kagustuhan lamang ng pangulo ng isang bansa, manapa ito ay obligasyon o responsibilidad.’

Sonza said the Philippine government invokes this a countless times when one of our OFWs is jailed abroad.

‘ilang ulit na nating hiningi ang ganito para sa ating mga kababayang Filipino na nakukulong sa ibang bansa.’

Sonza cited the example of Sarah Balabagan as proof, an OFW who killed her Arab employer in self-defense who tried to s*xu@lly assault the 16-year old housemaid.

‘isang patunay dito ang naging karanasan ng 16 years old na si Sarah Balabagan na nabilanggo at nilatigo ng 100 ulit matapos mapatay ang amo na nagtangkang humalay sa kanyang kamusmusan.’

Sonza said that Sarah was given executive clemency by the UAE, that’s why she was released from prison.

‘nabigyan siya ng executive clemency ng pinuno ng bansang United Arab Emirates kaya siya nakalaya sa kulungan.’

Sonza cited another example in the home front and that was when Cory Aquino freed CPP-NPA leader Jose Ma. Sison.

‘ganito rin ang nangyari ng bigyan ng executive clemency ng Cory Aquino ang convicted criminal na si Jose Ma. Sison.’

A netizen named Bien Perey Jr¬†appealed to the public to trust President Duterte’s decision since as a former prosecutor, he know what he is doing.
‘This is where Pres. Duterte’s first hand experience in handling cases come to play. Let’s be fair to all, not only to the few selected one’s. I really am in awe on the challenges and circumstances this Admin has endured and will be enduring just to let the Filipino people know of all of the negligence, vindictive politics and uncooperativeness of the past admins.’

Another netizen commented that Jay Sonza need not explain to imbeciles. ‘u dont to explain po to those imbeciles….let them die by mere speculations😁😅’

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Source: Jay Sonza

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