Retired broadcaster floats conspiracy theory re sinking of Filipino fishing vessel, refuses to name CIA, says Trillanes & Alejano are former navy men

Despite the admission of the Chinese Foreign Ministry that a Chinese fishing boat was responsible for the sinking of the Filipino fishing vessel, this retired broadcaster can’t help but floats a conspiracy theory re the Recto Bank incident.

Jay Sonza, a retired radio and TV broadcaster, wrote on Facebook that after listening to the fishermen and the boat skipper talked about the Recto Bank incident, he exclaimed the issue has become more muddled.

According to their accounts, it was dark at the time of the incident and they did not see any markings to make a definitive conclusion it was indeed the Chinese.

They swam for distance of 5 miles (8 km) to reach the Vietnamese fishing vessel. Sonza uttered “wow” though in a sarcastic tone in reaction to this claim by the Filipino fishermen.

The Filipino fishermen’s basis in making a conclusion it was the Chinese that sunk their boat because of their style of fishing. Sonza asked how can they make such conclusion when they said earlier that it was pitch dark.

The Recto Bank is not the Vietnamese fishing boat’s regular route. It was just coincidence they passed by when the incident occurred.

The fishermen borrowed the Vietnamese radio to contact the Phil. Navy. Sonza wondered how the Vietnamese fishing vessel contacted the Philippine Navy.

And lastly, Sonza said he does not want to make a conclusion that it was a well-planned CIA scenario but hinted Gary (Alejano) and Stella (Trillanes) are former members of the Philippine Navy.

habang pinakikinggan ko iyong mga mangingisda at kapitan ng bagkang pamgisda, lalong gumugulo ang kuwento sa recto bank reef sea accident.

1. sabi madilim at wala silang nakitang palatandaan na barkong tsino ang bumangga.
2. nilangoy daw nila ang Vietnamese fishing vessel sa layong 5 miles o 8 kilometro. wow! lintek sa galing at tibay sa languyan.

3. nakihiram lang daw sila ng radyo sa mga Vietnamese para makontak ang Navy ng Pilipinas.
4. ang tanging pamantayan daw nila na tsino ang barkong bumangga ay ang istilo ng pamalakaya. paano nila nasabi samantalang sila mismo ang nagsabi na ubod ng dilim at walang silang naaninag man lang.
5. sabi hindi daanan ng mga Vietnamese boat ang lugar at nagkataon lang na nandoon Sila ng mga sandaling yaon. what a coincidence.

6. paano nakontak via radio ng Vietnamese boat ang Phil. Navy? there is more than meets the eye on this piece of story.
7. I don’t want to suspect that this incident is a well planned CIA back scenario. Gary and Stella are former member of the navy. just saying.

Meanwhile, as per GMA News video, the fishermen and the boat captain said otherwise.

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