Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza accuses Senator Lacson of hitting BuCor Dir. General Nic Faeldon because of personal grudge?

If you’ve been following the hottest trend these days on social media, you’ll notice that the issue of the controversial release of convicted criminals found guilty of heinous crimes has been hogging the limelight lately.

BuCor Dir. General Nic Faeldon has been the favorite punching bag of Duterte’s critics lately since as the incumbent who allegedly signed the release papers of the criminals, including that of the controversial former Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez, he is the logical choice as the launching pad in attacking the Duterte administration.

Despite issuing a statement denying the allegation but the attack on Faeldon is showing no signs of stopping.

Denial and all, the senate is even more keen on inviting Faeldon to attend a senate inquiry, particularly on the release of thousands of prisoners in relation to the controversial RA 10592 or Good Conduct and Time Allowance law.

News reports has it that Faeldon isn’t interested in attending the senate hearing.

So expect the senators to issue an order for the arrest Faeldon, just like what happened last time when Faeldon also refused to talk about the missing magnetic lifters containing illegal dr*gs.

Moving forward, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza remarked on his Facebook post that the attack on Faeldon by no less than Senator Ping Lacson is based on a personal grudge.

If you want to know why, you may Jay Sonza’s full FB post below now.

On hitting Faeldon.

Sen. Lacson, personal ang galit dahil nabisto ang pagkakasabit ng anak sa cement smuggling issue.

Sen. Gordon is in his usual self, the false pride (Hambug) dahil hindi niya napaluhod noong nakaraan at piniling magpakulong.

Kapag chief of office ka, ministerial ang pagpirma ng dokumento pagkatapos dumaan ito sa mga responsible offices.

The implementation of GCTA or RA10592 which Congress passed and whose expanded coverage petition under RPC A97 is upheld by the Supreme Court, however wrong in the eyes of some, is legal and constitutional.

Faeldon has no choice but to implement the Congressional Act which Lacson himself authored or co-authored.

Blaming other people for their own deeds is just ridiculous.

Kung ayaw nilang ipatupad ang kanilang inakdang batas, eh di, pawalan nila ng bisa or repeal the law!

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