Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza begs Senator Koko Pimentel, wife & Sec. Duque to answer a couple of questions to shed light re Makati Med visit

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza begged Senator Koko Pimentel, wife & DOH Sec. Duque to answer a couple of questions to shed light regarding Makati Med visit brouhaha.

In a Facebook post, Sonza remarked that he and the public have questions begging for answers from the Senator and the personalities involved to remove any doubts they are hiding something from the public.

Reading at Sonza’s questions, IMO, the retired broadcaster insinuates that Pimentel’s wife was turned down by other hospital and Makati Med was not the first choice of the couple.

Senator Pimentel’s wife was aware she is covid19 positive, exhibiting symptoms before she went to MMC.

Senator Pimentel and wife requested for an early CS operation because the couple were aware they were covid19 positive.

DOH Sec. Duque or his office intervened in behalf of the Pimentels and arranged the CS operation of the wife at MMC.

Sen. Koko,
Totoo bang you were refused admittance in a different hospital before you went to Makati Medical Center?

Mrs. Pimentel,
Will you swear on your mother’s grave that you did not know that you are also Covod19 positive symptomatic before you went to MMC?

Koko & Wife,
Is it true that you requested for an early schedule CS operation because both of you knew that you are already Covid19 positive?

DOH Sec. Duque,
Did you or your office made the early CS arrangement with MMC for Mrs. Pimentel?

Did you call MMC to reprimand the hospital for refusing the Pimentels?

One netizen commented that of the allegations against Senator Pimentel and Duque were true, he demanded the resignation of the Senator and Duque ASAP. “If ever this is true, we need to demand the removal of Koko pimentel and Duque on their government position. The wife, koko and Duque should face the consequences under the law provided in this enhance community quarantine. People must see the government to act on it legally. VIP all the time amid crisis. Doque who arrange everything and without informing the MMC must face imprisonment. Tang Ina nilang mga yawa sila. The lives of our Frontliners and all other in that hospital is more valuable than this criminals!!! “

Another netizen reinforced jay Sonza’s theory. “He was refused but complained to Duque. Duque called MMC To let them in”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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